We are always excited to hear from our alumni.  Please take a moment to update us on the happenings and events of your life.  If you have any photos, memories, stories and adventures (or mis-adventures) about your time at Linton Hall School that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you.   Please fill out the form below and let us know how you’re doing.  Did you recognize yourself in any of the photos in our gallery let us know that in the comment section.  But most of all, let us hear from you!  

So much has changed at Linton Hall School over the years and the school continues to grow in answer to the needs of our surrounding community.  Take a moment to peruse the website and find out what’s new and what traditions still remain.  Many of you have found us on Facebook and we’re thrilled to have reconnected!  If you’ve not yet “friended” Linton Hall School, log onto your Facebook account and send a request.  No matter whether you spent one year at Linton Hall or eight years here, you are a part of the LHS family.  We hope you will write, call or stop by for a visit!

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