Mrs. Erin Burns

Welcome to 5th Grade!!

I am very excited to be teaching 5th grade this year. Some areas that we will focus on this year are:

MathPlace Value, Multiplication/Division, GCF, LCM, Simplest Form, Mixed Numbers, Fractions- add, subtract, multiply, divide, Probability, Graphs- line, pictograph, bar, Angles, Capacity, gallon, quart, pint, cup, Unit of Length, Weight, Temp, Time Zones


Science– Classifying Life, Plants/Animals, Reproduction, Plant/Animal Life Cycles, Traits & Heredity, Ecosystems, Earth and its Resources, Weather, Space, the Universe, Matter, Force and Energy


Social Studies– Map Skills-longitude, latitude, equator, prime meridian, how to read maps, different kinds of maps…Review of VA History using map skills, Cultural, Religious, and Social aspects of regions


English/Reading– AR, Novels, Vocabulary from texts, Subjects/Predicates, Simple/Complex Sentences,Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Capitalization, Punctuation, Spelling-short/long vowels, blends, contractions, compound words, homophones, prefixes/suffixes, Writing a Letter, Writing a Research Paper, Paragraph Structure, Genres, Sequence of Events, Drawing Conclusions



2017 Schedule

Here is the link to this week’s newsletter:



Math-  Please continue to review your 4x tables multiplication facts. Quiz-TOMORROW!

Wkbk. pg. 28 EVENS

We are trying to earn an ice cream party.

Every time a student masters a set of times tables, they will add something to their paper ice cream sundae.

Once the entire class has mastered all their times tables from 1-12 we will have a real ice cream party.

Spelling- Workbook Lesson 8 (4 pages) is due TOMORROW.  Quiz TOMORROW- Lesson 8.

Science-  After conferencing with students, they were to research the 2-3 inventions left on their lists.

When they narrowed it down to one or two ideas, they were to write on a separate piece of paper

whether or not the invention has already been made and how they are going to make it. They did not

have to go into great detail, but I need a general idea on what they want to invent.

If your child is “stuck”, please watch some past Invention Conventions videos on You Tube.

Social Studies- 


 Digital Media- 

Religion- Memorize the Act of Contrition prayer by November 1.

 **If students are going to wear their P.E. uniforms on P.E. days, 

they need to be wearing the Linton Hall sweatshirt as well. 



If the homework calendar is not displayed below, please use the following link for the Linton Hall School upper school homework calendar. You may subscribe to the calendar by clicking “+Google Calendar” in the lower right corner.

Here is the Safety Patrol schedule for the month of Oct. and the beginning of Nov.:


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Additional Info

LHS FUN FAIR!! Oct. 15th from 10:00-3:00pm.

I have been assigned to work the outside Corn Hole and Sheriff Toss game for the day.

If you plan on attending the fun fair and would like to volunteer an hour of your time to help me work

this great booth, please email me by Wed., Oct. 12th with the time you would like to volunteer. Thank you

in advance!!



Here is the Back-To-School Powerpoint Presentation if anyone was not able to make it.

WELCOME TO 5th GRADE Powerpoint