Mrs. Kathleen Landry


Religion 5- 

English 7-DUE: 12/9- VW Unit 5 CTS. DUE: 12/9- Interrogative and Demonstrative Pronouns. DUE:12/7-Personal Narrative Essay.  You will peer edit in class.  DUE: 12/13- Pronouns Test.

Literature 7– DUE: 12/6- Across Five Aprils Second Notes. DUE: 12/14- Across Five Aprils Rough Draft. DUE: 12/20- Across Five Aprils Final Paper.  DUE: 12/20- Bookcard 2. Review Internal and External Conflict in Literature. Review Point of View.

English 8-  DUE: 12/8- VW Unit 5 Vocabulary Cards. DUE: 12/8- Personal Narrative Essay. You will peer edit in class. DUE: 12/8- Indefinite Pronouns. DUE: 12/13- Pronouns Test.

Literature 8-DUE: 12/9- Roll of Thunder ,Hear My Cry Rough Draft. DUE: 12/14- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Editing. DUE: 12/20- Bookcard 2.  DUE: 1/6/17- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Final Paper.  Review Internal and External Conflict in Literature. Review Point of View.

Religion 8 






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Student Council Association


OUR NEXT SCA/LEO CLUB MEETINGS WILL BE Monday,  January 9th at Lunch. See you there!

PS Since club meetings will be held at lunch ( we will let you know dates in advance) it would be best if you brought lunch from home those days, so you don’t have to rush to the cafeteria to get your lunch and risk missing out on important SCA/LEO information. Also, it would be best to bring a cold lunch so you won’t have to worry about microwaving and being late as well.  Thanks!

SCA/LEO Club Meetings:

Monday, January 9th- 11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, January 23rd-11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, February 13th- 11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, February 27th-11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, March 6th- 11:20-11:45(Lunch)

Monday, March 20th- 11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, April 10th-11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, April 24th- 11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, May 1-11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Monday, May 15th-11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

TUESDAY, May 30th- 11:20-11:45 (Lunch)

Congratulations to our newest members of the LHS Student Council!

President- Bethany G.

Vice President- Sanaa P.

Secretary/Treasurer- Cecilia J.

Commissioner of Athletics- Ben H.

Commissioner of Community Service- Colette S.

Commissioner of Religion and Environment- Mason C.

Fourth-Grade Class Representative- Stephen S. Alternative- Tally E.

Fifth-Grade Class Representative- Max A. Alternative- Austen L.

Sixth-Grade Class Representative- Madison M. Alternative-Hunter M.

Seventh-Grade Class Representative- John R. Alternatives- JP F.and Ryan P.

Eighth-Grade Class Representative- Lexie S. Alternative- Arthur H.

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Monday- Digital Media

Tuesday-PE, Spanish

Wednesday-Art, Library, Spanish

Thursday-Music, Spanish


We Celebrate Mass on Friday.  Please join us!

Please consider joining the Student Council Association and the Leo Club. There are many opportunities for you to lead and to serve in our school and in our community.