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“Science is more than a collection of facts and principles.  It is an exciting process of questioning, trying, observing, testing & discovering more about the unknown.” – McWane Science Center, Birmingham, AL


Science 8 – Physical Science

Students will enjoy learning the word of physics and chemistry this year.  As an added bonus, a wild roller coaster project will be added.

Science 7 – Life Science

7th grade science students will explore the magical wonders of the cell and all its components.  Later in the year, body systems.

Science 6 – Earth Science

6th grade students begin the year with an introduction to chemistry.  As the year progresses, they explore natural resources, followed by more environmental sciences.

OCEW Schedule (1st Semester)

  1. Feb 7
  2. Mar 7
  3. Mar 28
  4. Apr 5
  5. May 9
  6. May 24

In Algebra, students will explore the world of systems, functions, linear functions, and linear geometry.

In Pre-Algebra, students will master fractions, decimals, percents, integers, proportions, rations, consumer math, surface area, as well as basic geometry.