Ms. Peg Clark

Welcome “Clark” classes for 2016 -2017!!!!!!

Rock the Red and Let’s Go CAPS!!!!!!!

6th Math and Pre-Algebra

I hope you are as excited as I am to start diving into this year’s learning! I am thrilled to continue to work in math with some of the students I have taught in 6th and 7th grades. “Math Problems of the Week” will return.



MATH 6th

1/12 – None Given

1/18 – Ch 5, Lesson 5 Worksheet GCF using “Clark Method” Due – Thurs, 1/19

1/19 – Ch 5, Lesson 9 Worksheet LCM using “Clark Method” Due – Mon, 1/23


1/12 – Ch 7, Lesson 7 Worksheet #11-16 and Prob of Week Due – Wed, 1/18

1/18 – Ch 7 Practice Test Odd #s Due – Thurs, 1/19

1/19 – Ch 7 Practice Test Even #s Due – Mon, 1/23

Ch 7 TEST On – Tues, 1/24



If the homework calendar is not displayed below, please use the following link for the Linton Hall School Upper School homework calendar. You may subscribe to the calendar by clicking “+Google Calendar” in the lower right corner.

(All work must be shown and you must be able to explain your solution.)

Math 6th (Due Mon., 1/23)

On the first day of school, a history teacher looked over her class roll. She counted 32 students. However, only 19 students showed up. What fraction of her class was absent?

Pre- Algebra – (Due Mon., 1/23)

Last month, Nate spent 12% of his paycheck on car repairs and 25% of the remainder on food. He gave $1,320 of the remaining money to his parents and then bought a computer on sale. If the usual price of the computer was $825 and the discount was 20%, how much money did Nate have in the beginning?