Sister Patricia Anne Driscoll, OSB


August 24, 2016: First day of school!  You do not need to bring in any of your summer work today.  I will be meeting with you tomorrow, Thursday, August 25,  and will be looking for your report on your summer reading then.

Homework for  6th grade Language Arts


Tuesday, September 6, None given


Tuesday, September 6, Study  for Red Vocabulary test on Lesson 1 for Thursday.  Remember to look at the antonyms and synonyms. 



Tuesday, September 6: Lesson 2 plus the two back pages were due today.  The lesson  2 test will be on Thursday.

Writing Assignment:

Tuesday, September 6, No writing assignment given for this week.  


Poetry Assignment: 

Tuesday, September 6, The three haiku that were assigned last Wednesday are due tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7.  A few reminders.  All three haiku should be on one page.  They must be printed – word processed, and handed to me when you come into the class for Language Arts.  The page with the haiku directions should be signed by a parent and presented at that time also.  Please use a header when you type your paper. This should have your first and last name, Haiku, and the due date in the top right hand corner of the paper.

Additional Info