The trees display glorious shades of crimson and gold. The crisp autumn air has the slight scent of burning wood.  The sun disappears beyond the horizon just at the end of the afternoon, casting long shadows.  I am eagerly anticipating Thanksgiving!

I am a list writer. Generally speaking, my lists consist of items I need. Of course, this time of year, I may even put together a wish list. And that is why I love Thanksgiving…it forces me to make a list of the many blessings I have in my life. This list reminds me that God is truly in the details of each and every day, and I am humbled and grateful!

Working at Linton Hall School is definitely on my list of blessings. I consider the faculty, staff, and families of our community my large extended family. From time to time, your children tell me how much they enjoy being a part of LHS. So, I decided to have all of the children finish this sentence and here is what I learned.

I am thankful for Linton Hall School because…

…it is the best school in the world. It has very nice friends and it has all kinds of subjects and happy teachers. Joshua T.

…they care for me.  Abby J.

…the privilege of getting an amazing religious education over the years.  8th grader

…they make me feel like family. Ashton H.

…there is a Fife & Drum corps. Roy W.

…I have AWESOME friends and teachers. Charlotte P.

…they teach a lot about God, and there are a lot of good friends, they teach you something new every day. Hanna L.

…I got to plant a pumpkin seed. Elephant Class

…all of the teachers there who care about me and I feel like it’s my home. Alexandra H.

…I love centers. Elephant Class

…I like all of my teachers. I can learn about Jesus and the twelve apostles. Max A.

…I love art. Bode P.

…I love how nice they are to me because I am new to LHS in 2015. I love LHS! Isabella K.

…they have crayons and Legos. Julia in Honeybees

…everyone is very supportive, helpful and friendly and have a good way of teaching students. Lexie S.

…it teaches me so much and helps me to learn how I can be closer to God. Abbey M.

…they love me, they give me a lot of homework (I’m obsessed with homework), and they’re wonderful friends. Mehek J.

…I always feel noticed here, and like I belong. I always feel included with everything that happens, and I’ve made new friends. 7th grader

Thanks to your children, my heart is full! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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