2 & 3 Year Olds Day Curriculum Overview

Linton Hall School’s Little Sprouts
2 & 3 Year Olds

Day Curriculum Overview

Circle Time: We will learn about the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and weather through calendar activities; Math skills will be explored as we count, graph, make patterns, and play with numbers through songs and games; Language Arts skills will be developed as we will explore stories and discuss their elements, make language experience charts, experience songs, ask and answer questions about the world we live in, make predictions, develop new vocabulary, retell and sequence, and act silly as we rhyme and play with the sounds in our language.


Sensory Table/Science Exploration: We will use this station to experience the world whether we explore with sand, experiment with water, or simply smoosh shaving cream between our fingers. The possibilities are endless. This is a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills, practice skills and concepts learned in class, and experience the world through our senses.


Cut, Color, and Assemble Station: At this station, our preschoolers will develop their confidence as pre-readers and writers. They will strengthen small muscles, reinforce left to right eye movement, and build language skills through explorations with coloring, cutting, and creating. The emphasis will be on process- not product. Projects will be open ended, creative, and FUN!


Listening Station: Books and music will be available for students to listen and dance.


Creative Art: Each day we will do an art project based on a book or theme of the day. Students will be encouraged to express themselves with their projects and language skills will be developed.


Dramatic Play: Students will be allowed time to explore their imaginations and develop vocabulary, problem solving and social skills through such activities as: kitchen area, doll/animal care, blocks, cars/trains, dress ups, etc.


Theme Based Skills: Through games and teacher directed activities relating to the theme of the day, students will develop pre-reading and math skills. Skills such as rhyming, letter and sound recognition, oral language, vocabulary development, counting, one-to-one correspondence, graphing, estimating, etc. will be reinforced in a very hands-on, developmentally appropriate manner.


Outside Time, Gross Motor Activities and Dramatic Play: How wonderful it would be to have that child-like energy again! We feel a preschool program should have a balance between outside free play and structured movement activities. Our students will experience outside free play, dramatic play, as well as movement with a purpose.

Enrichment Specials Classes: Each day our preschoolers will have the opportunity for enrichment in the arts with our specialists.


  • Art: the overall process is emphasized, not the final product; exploring as many creative mediums as possible, the children will learn about drawing, painting, clay, colors, line/shape, 3-dimensional projects and famous artists and the artwork that is associated with them.
  • Music/Movement: a creative extension of our daily learning environment that gives opportunities to explore music and sound through active involvement in singing, moving, listening, finger play, and playing instruments as well as being introduced to a variety of types of music, drama, interactive story-telling and creative expression. Basic sign language is also taught. Also, fundamental physical education skills like balancing, throwing, jumping, catching and skipping are introduced and built upon to build a strong foundation and awareness of one’s body’s capabilities.
  • Science: opportunities to explore insects, animals, plants, rocks/minerals, and the world around us through activities, stories, and music as well as opportunities with natural and physical sciences and hands on experimentation. Learning about the natural world and how to be good stewards of our planet, caring for the environment, gardening, sustainability and recycling are also an important part of our program.
  • Spirituality: rooted in the Benedictine Charism, all children start each school day with prayer and/or a reflection of one of the 10 Benedictine values. Children are further awakened to their spirituality through songs, stories and thanksgiving all centered around how each person (child or adult) can make the world a better place. We will stop, love and listen to Jesus during our learning journey.

Guided by our mission, we provide a family-oriented, student-centered environment that empowers each student in his or her journey to personal academic, artistic, athletic, and moral excellence. We place great importance on the development of integrity, respect, responsibility and friendship and are deeply committed to our local and global communities.

Our students are resourceful, independent and disciplined learners who have the skills and confidence to take risks and who graduate ready for the challenges of college-preparatory secondary schools and to serve as honorable, responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world.