2 & 3 Year Olds Readiness Objectives

Linton Hall School’s Little Sprouts
2 & 3 Year Olds

Readiness Objectives

Early-childhood development and cognitive reasoning studies identify the first six years of life as a crucial time in the formation of the brain. Studies show that by age two children’s brains experience a super-sponge phase of development that, when properly stimulated, ensures the brain continues healthy growth. During this phase, exposure to early sensory experiences and interaction with the environment are very critical. At Little Sprouts we understand that children need to use their senses while being engaged in meaningful activities in order to learn. We integrate sensory activities that stimulate vision, smell, touch and hearing and that lay the foundation in literacy, language, math, music and movement, and social emotional growth for preschool years and beyond.

To further strengthen the foundation for reading, we also encourage children to study picture books, pretending to read as they flip through the book’s pages. The simple experiences of turning the pages of a book with a caring and nurturing adult, playing with puppets, or singing a song with rhyming words has proven benefits. Using “dialogic reading”, a powerful language facilitation method in which the teacher and children dialogue as they peruse picture books, we help children build vocabulary and encourage them to use more words and longer phrases.

Following the research in Literacy Begins at Birth: What Caregivers Can Learn from Parents of Children Read Early (Barclay, Benelli, & Curtis), Little Sprouts provides a literacy-rich environment where children can develop “important concepts about print, an increasing ability to retell stories from illustrations, and a love of books” through repetitive interactions with books and materials. This sets them on the path to a life-long love of learning.

Guided by our mission, we provide a family-oriented, student-centered environment that empowers each student in his or her journey to personal academic, artistic, athletic, and moral excellence. We place great importance on the development of integrity, respect, responsibility and friendship and are deeply committed to our local and global communities.

Our students are resourceful, independent and disciplined learners who have the skills and confidence to take risks and who graduate ready for the challenges of college-preparatory secondary schools and to serve as honorable, responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world.