Begin the

Application Process

To apply to Linton Hall School, applicants must complete a Linton Hall School application and pay a $100 fee. In addition, applicants must provide the following to complete the application process:

School Transcript

Teacher recommendations

Testing results

Recommendations and Transcripts

Teacher recommendations are required for all applicants. The form should be completed by the child’s current teacher.


Transcripts are required for all applicants. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that official student records be sent to Linton Hall School. The Release of Student Records form may be downloaded and submitted to your child’s current school. The school will then forward the relevant records to Linton Hall School.

Decisions and Notifications

Linton Hall School has a rolling admissions policy. We understand that students and parents are anxious to hear the result of our application decisions. Our Admission Committee is comprised of the Director of Admissions, Head of School, Assistant Head of School, and other faculty members. The committee considers a student’s visit, teacher recommendations, academic record including transcripts and test scores, learning style, and overall school experience. In making admission decisions, the committee seeks to admit students who will be successful both academically and socially.We will do our best to inform you of our decision in a timely fashion.