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Fees & Policies

Application Fee (nonrefundable):
is due with the completed application form.

Tuition Deposit (nonrefundable):
is due upon acceptance and applies toward the tuition balance. Payment of the tuition deposit ensures a spot in the program.

Annual Tuition:
may be paid in monthly installments OR paid in full. Any alternate payment plans must be established and approved by the business office.

Monthly Payments:
can be made through PayPal on the LHS website and include a processing fee . Credit card payments may be made in the Business Office and include a processing fee. Payments made by check should be made payable to LHS and can be mailed or sent through the student’s folder. Please make cash payments in the Business Office.

Supply & Activity Fee:
is due with the first annual tuition payment.

Discount for Early Payment:
is given if all tuition & fees are paid in full by August 1. Payment in full can be made by check to LHS, or by cash or credit card in the business office. A fee will be added to credit card payments to cover the cost of processing

Tuition Assistance:
is available for those who have completed the LHS application process. If you would like to explore this option you may visit www.factstuitionaid.com. Only complete applications verified through FACTS will be considered. Tuition assistance recipients will have a different payment schedule than listed above, and will be contacted by the business office with an alternate payment plan.

Sibling Discount:
is given to every child in the same family after the first child.

In the event it becomes necessary to withdraw your child, a written notice must be given at least 30 days in advance. You may be responsible for the remainder of the school year’s tuition unless moving due to military re‐assignment, job transfer, or circumstances which after LHS Board review qualify for tuition release.