Monastery & Linton Hall Military School, 1945

A Look Back

The school and the Monastery are situated on land that was originally part of Lintonsford — a 1,700 acre farm owned by the John Augustine Elliot Linton. In 1844, his only child, Sarah Elliot Linton, professed at Georgetown Visitation Convent, becoming Sister Baptista Linton. As the last heir of Lintonsford, she donated her family property to the Benedictine Monks from Belmont Abbey, NC for the purposes of opening two schools — one for boys and one for girls.


The Monks first opened St. Joseph’s Industrial School at the far end of the property in 1894.  That same year, the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia opened the all-girls’ school and the two schools grew in size and reputation.  After 30 years away from their Abbey, the Monks returned to North Carolina entrusting the schools to the Sisters.

By 1922 tastes and traditions were changing and parents no longer wished their daughters to be educated in such a rural location. The Sisters moved their all-girls’ school, now called Saint Gertrude High School, to Richmond.  A few Sisters remained in Bristow to establish Linton Hall School as a residential school for the boys. In the late 1930s, this transitioned to Linton Hall Military School. The school remained an all-male, residential military academy until the 1970s when it added a day program.


In response to parents’ requests and local community growth, Linton Hall School transitioned to a co-ed day school serving Kindergarten through 8th grade in the 1980s. A Pre-K program was added in 2003 and expanded in 2013 to include Little Sprouts starting with 2 ½ year olds.