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Linton Hall School

Our Mission:

The mission of Linton Hall School is to provide Catholic educational experiences that empower students to master academic skills, to develop a sense of self-worth and integrity, and to learn to live effectively and responsibly with others.

Since its inception, Linton Hall School has always been a close-knit, nurturing community where children have the opportunity to develop as learners and to pursue academic, athletic, artistic and moral excellence. We work hard to foster core values of respect, responsibility, integrity and friendship in our students. We believe these are the most important years in a child’s education and the formation of their identity. It is during these critical years that the foundation is built for their development as lifelong learners and as actively engaged, responsible members of a global community.

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“Outstanding education of the Whole child!”

— Key To Reading

Guided by our mission, we provide a family-oriented, student-centered environment that empowers each student in his or her journey to personal academic, artistic, athletic, and moral excellence. We place great importance on the development of integrity, respect, responsibility and friendship and are deeply committed to our local and global communities.

Our students are resourceful, independent and disciplined learners who have the skills and confidence to take risks and who graduate ready for the challenges of college-preparatory secondary schools and to serve as honorable, responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world.