Miss Hannah Cole

Welcome 2nd Grade Owls!


Greetings and welcome to the 2nd grade program at Linton Hall School.  My name is Hannah Cole and I am very excited about having the opportunity to spend the upcoming year building a wonderful relationship with your child.  I hope that the children have enjoyed their summer and are now ready to Soar into Second grade!  The year is bound to bring waves of learning, laughter, and fun!


Please feel free to email me at hcole@lintonhall.edu with any questions. Thank you!

Here are some homework tips and reminders:

  1. Make a special place to do your homework that is quiet, comfortable, has good light and needed supplies (dictionary, paper, ruler, pencils, art supplies etc.).
  2. Read directions carefully and ask a parent or grown up to review with you if you aren’t sure what to do before you begin.
  3. Ask someone to review your work before you turn it in and always do YOUR best work!



The Wilson Reading System provides research-based materials and strategies essential to a comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting program. Wilson Fundations makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for life-long literacy. Students receive asystematic program in critical foundational skills, emphasizing: Phonemic awareness, Phonics/ word study, High frequency word study, Reading fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension strategies, Handwriting and Spelling.


Below I have included the Level 2 Fundations Information packet. I have also included a writing grid and all of the concept lists for the rest of the year for your convenience.


2nd Grade Fundations Information Packet

Writing Grid

Unit 1 Concept Words

Unit 2 Concept Words

Unit 3 Concept Words

Unit 4 Concept Words

Unit 5 Concept Words

Unit 6 Concept Words

unit 7 Concept Words

unit 8 Concept Words

Unit 9 Concept Words

unit 10 Concept Words

unit 11 Concept Words

unit 12 Concept Words

unit 13 Concept Words

unit 14 Concept words

Unit 15 Wk 1 Concept Words

Unit 15 Wk 2 Concept Words

Unit 16 Concept Words

unit 17 Concept Words

Research shows that the best way to improve reading skills is to simply READ more! Please make sure your child reads a total of at least 20 minutes a day (around 2 hours a week) at home.


To foster reading at Linton Hall, we implement the Accelerated Reading program school wide. The Accelerated Reading (AR) program is a computer program that allows students to take comprehension quizzes on AR books. The student will be asked 5, 10, or 20 questions. A score of 60% or higher for 5-question and 10-question quizzes is considered passing. However, 60% or 70% is not the desired score. A student should strive for 80% or higher. At the same time-a string of 100% scores would indicate the child might be reading books which are too easy.


In 2nd grade students are expected to earn 5 AR points the first two quarters (each one), 6 points for the third quarter and 8 points the last quarter. However, the children are encouraged to set their own goals for points. Below you will find AR slips. Please have your child fill one out and bring it to school as he/she has finished a book. Your child should place the completed slip in the AR basket by the computer and I will do my best to give him/her time to take the test some time that day.


2nd Grade AR Slip