Mr. Jeff Linton


I am excited to bring to life the many facets of our Social Studies program from 6th Grade Ancient Civilization, 7th Grade American History 1 and 8th Grade American History 2.    We will continue to foster a love of learning and pursue a greater understanding of how societies began and continue to exist. Our 5th and 6th Grade World Languages program will coincide with the Social Studies curriculum in an effort to enhance the students understanding of regional languages from the past to the present.

Homework for Monday 10/15 through Friday 10/19

SS 6- Monday:  6th Grade Social Studies: Read Pp. 20-21.  Answer 1-9 on Pg. 21 Due tomorrow.

SS 6- Tuesday:  Read Pp. 21-22  Answer # 15-17 on Pg. 22 and 1-7 on Pg. 23 Due Thursday.

SS 6- Thursday: Complete Key Terms Pg. 28.  Read Pg. 28-34.  Answer #1B, 2A, 3A, 4AB.  We will discuss Ice Man Friday and have Chapter 2 Section 1 Quiz on Monday.

SS 6- Friday:  Review Study Ch.2 Section 1 for quiz Monday. We may have a test on Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 on Friday.   Be safe and have a great weekend!

SS 6 Monday 9/17:  Do Key Terms Pg. 36, Read Pp. 36-39 Answer # 1,2,3.  Complete Section 2 Review Sheet for Thursday.   Test Unit 1 Tue 9/25.

SS 6 Thursday 9/20:  Ch. 2 Sect. 2 Quiz.  Greenland kayak exhibit on the lawn. Quiz 3 on Section 3 Monday.  Test on Unit 1 (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2) Tuesday 9/25

SS 6 Friday 9/21: HW Complete Section 3  Key Terms Pg. 40. Read Pg. 40-43.  Answer 1AB, 2AB and #3 on pg. 43.  START STUDY HERE: TONIGHT, Read Chapter 1 with your notes and put question marks where you need help understanding.  Review your quizzes and notes from Chapter 1 and answer the Chapter 1 key terms and summary in the Unit 1 Study Guide I gave you.   SATURDAY: Read Chapter 2. Review notes,  write a question mark in your notebooks for something you don’t understand (ask Monday). Answer the Chapter 2 key terms and summary in the the Unit 1 Study Guide I gave you.  Review  Section 1-3  Study guides you completed. .  SUNDAY after Mass, Study Section 3 Pg. 40-43 for quiz Monday.  After Quiz 3, we will discuss questions you have and review the chapters. Test on Unit 1 is Tuesday  9/25.

SS 6- Monday 9/24:  Review Unit 1 for Test tomorrow (CHANGE-REVIEW tonight and ask questions tomorrow.  TEST 1 is WED 9/26)

SS 6- Wednesday 9/26:  Review Timeline Pg 50-51. Do ALL Key Terms Pg. 54. Read Pp. 54-57. Answer 1ABC and 2ABC.  Quiz Friday or Monday.

SS 6- Monday 10/1 Chapter 2 Section 1.  We will complete a section review in class tomorrow and answer questions.  Quiz is Wednesday 10/3

SS 6- Tuesday 10/2.   Complete Section Review sheet and study for Quiz 1 tomorrow.

SS 6- Wednesday 10/3.  Quiz 1.  Read Section 2 and Complete Section 2 Review Sheet. Complete ALL Key Terms on Pg. 60

SS 6- Thursday 10/4 for TUESDAY 10/9- Review homework. Review Quiz Answer questions.  Answer # 1ABC , 2 ABC and #3. WEEKEND Study Section 2 for Quiz on Tuesday.

SS 6- Tuesday 10/8:  Study for Quiz on Chapter 3 Section 2 tomorrow.  Complete homework if not already finished for credit.

SS 6 Wednesday 10/10: Quiz. Homework. Read Pp.65-69.  Finish Section 3 Review Sheets.  Answer #1ABC, 2AB, 3 AB.  We will do #4 in class Thursday.

SS 6 Thursday 10/11:   Complete #4 Pg. 69 and Read the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Answer # 1 and #2.

SS 6 Friday 10/12:Read Pp. 65-69. Each student is assigned a sub-section. They are to read their subsection, write in any form they choose i.e. bullet points, a drawing etc. what they THINK are the three most important points of that subsection and then write a question to ask the class.  They then need to read the entire Section 3 again,  Pp. 65-69 to prepare to answer questions in class. Quiz on this section is Tuesday 10/16.

SS 6 Monday 10/15:  Study for Quiz on Section 3 tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 10/16:  Section 3 Quiz.  Complete Section review sheets and Read Pp. 72-77. Complete ALL Key Terms Pg. 72.  Answer 1AB, 2AB and 3AB.  We will do #4 in class tomorrow. Bring your Bible to class.

SS 6 Wednesday 10/17:  NO HOMEWORK

SS 6 Thursday 10/18: Finish #4 Pg. 77.  Intro Bible.  Complete Social Studies Skills 1-3 and Read Pp. 72-77 again. Complete assigned subsection homework (Pick 3 most important points in your assigned subsection and then create a question to ask the class).

SS 6 Friday 10/19: Finish Chapter Review Pg. 79  1-12.

SS 6 Monday 10/22:

SS 7 – Monday:  Study for Quiz tomorrow over the following:  Vocabulary Pg. 16 and understand Key terms.  Read Pp. 16-19 Do Reading Skill pg. 16 to help your notes.   Answer questions 1AB, 2AB and #3 to help study.  Complete Progress Monitoring online from pg. 19.

SS 7 Tuesday: Complete ALL Vocabulary words on Pg. 22. Read Pp 22-27 Answer # 1AB, 2AB, 4, 5, 6 and complete Progress Monitor. Quiz on Section 4 Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday:  Study ICHTHUS for Quiz Thur.  We then review Section 4.  Quiz on Section 4 Friday.

SS 7 Thursday:  Receive Chromebooks.  Study for ICHTHUS quiz tomorrow.

SS 7 Friday: Review Section 4 for Quiz 4 Monday 9/17.    Chapter 1 Test Monday 9/24.

SS 7 Monday 9/17: Rd. Pg. 29, Finish Study Guide Sheet, Do #1-3 on Pg. 30.  Test 1 Monday 9/24

SS 7 Friday 9/21:  Study review sheets as we discussed in Class.  TEST 1 is TUESDAY 9/25.

SS 7 Monday 9/24:  Study for Test 1 tomorrow 9/25

SS 7 Tuesday 9/25:  Read Pg. 32 Look at Timeline. Do Vocabulary Builder on Pg. 36.  Read Pp. 36-43. Answer: 1AB, 2AB, 3 and complete Progress Monitor online.  We will discuss tomorrow and review homework..

SS 7 Wednesday 9/27:  Read Pp. 32-33 Look at Timeline.  Read Pp. 36-43 Do ALL Vocabulary Builder on Pg. 36.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, #3 and Progress monitor online.  Come to class with questions.

SS 7 Thursday 9/28.  Study for Quiz 1 Tomorrow.

SS 7 Monday 10/1: Review Chapter 2 Section 1 Review Sheet for Quiz 1 tomorrow.

SS 7 Tuesday 10/2:  Quiz  on Sect. 1.    HW Begin Section  2 Review Sheet.  Complete for HW and ALL Vocabulary Builder on page 44.

SS 7 Wednesday. Review  Quiz.  Review Section 2 Review Sheet and review chapter. Complete Section 2 homework questions in class and study for Quiz Thur.

SS 7 Thursday for WEEKEND.  Complete Section 3 Review Sheet. Read Pp 49-52.  You were assigned a section.  1.  Find the three most important points of that section and explain them as any of the following: A timeline, or a comic strip, tradtional notes with bullet points etc.  You pick how you want to write the most important points.   2.  Each of you create a question about the section to ask your other students Tuesday.  Please ask if you have any questions.   For the absent student, study for the quiz you were to have Thursday and then do the assignment above on the subsection Northern Voyages on Pg. 51 (Write 3 points you think are most important and create a question from your subsection for the class).

SS 7 Tuesday 10/9: Review the information above and complete for credit.  We will finish our review of material tomorrow.  Quiz Thursday.

SS 7 Wednesday 10/10: Study for Quiz

SS 7 Thursday 10/11:  Section 3 Quiz.  Preview Section 4. Complete Section Review sheet begun in class and answer #1AB, 2AB, 4 and #5 and Progress Monitoring.  We will do #6 in class tomorrow.

SS 7 Friday 10/12:  Review Quiz and homework.   Do subsection work assigned to each student. Write down 3 most important points and have a question ready to ask the class Monday.   Study for Section 4 quiz Tuesday.

SS 7 Monday 10/15: Review Quiz. Review homework, Study for Section 4 quiz tomorrow

SS 7 Tuesday 10/16:  Section 4 Quiz.  Complete Chapter 2 Review # 1-9. Due tomorrow.  We will continue the review of the chapter in class to prepare for a chapter test Friday or Monday.

SS 7 Wednesday 10/17:  Complete Chapter 2 Self Test Pg. 61

SS 7 Thursday 10/18: Complete your assigned part of the Ch. 2 Study Guide and read Ch. 2 Section 1 Pp. 36-41.

SS 7 Friday 10/19: Read Chapter 2 Section 2 . Review notes and go over your Chapter Review Sheet we completed in class.

SS 7 Saturday 10/20: Read Chapter 2 Section 3. Review notes.  Study the Chapter 2 Review Sheet

SS 7 Sunday 10/21: Read Chapter 2 Section 4 and notes after Mass.  Review notes and enjoy the afternoon.  After dinner, review Chapter 2 timeline Pg. 32 -33 and study the Chapter 2 Review Sheet for TEST 2 Tuesday..

SS 7 Monday 10/22:  Complete Chapter review sheet and study for TEST tomorrow.


SS 8 – Monday:  Quiz 2 on Section 2 on Monday.  Monday Homework due Tuesday:  Complete Section 3 Vocabulary Pg. 494, Read Pp. 494-498. Answer 1AB, 2AB, and 3AB.  Complete Progress Monitoring on page 498.  Quiz 3 on Wednesday.

SS 8 – Monday:  Complete Vocabulary Builder Pg. 494. Read Pp.  494-498. Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3AB and Progress Monitoring.

SS 8 – Tuesday: Review Section 3 for Quiz 3 Wednesday 9/12.

SS 8 – Complete ALL Vocabulary on Pg. 499.  Read Pp. 499-503. Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3 and 5.  Due Friday.  Quiz Monday Section 4.  Ch 14 Test Monday 9/24

SS 8-Monday 9/17: Rd. Pg. 505.  Do #1-6 and #8 on Pg. 506 AND #1-3 on Pg 507.

SS 8 Friday 9/21:  Study Review Sheets. Test Tuesday

SS 8 Monday 9/24:  Study for Chapter 14 Test tomorrow 9/25

SS 8 Tuesday 9/25:  Ask about GLORY.  Also, we will discuss a free question from the test.  When reviewing, I was thinking of Lincoln in his early political career and gave guidance as such.  The correct answer was in reference to his reaction after Dredd Scott when he debated Mr. Douglas.  We will discuss tomorrow.

SS 8 Wednesday 9/26 and  Friday 9/28.   Read Pp. 508-509 Review Timeline. Read Pp. 512-517 Complete ALL Vocabulary Builder.  Answer Critical Thinking Pg. 515. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4, 5.  Movie Friday: We will check homework and notes from Monday and review for Quiz 1 Tuesday.

SS 8 Monday 10/1:  Review Section 1  We will complere Section Review sheet and finish Civil War intro. intro movie.  Quiz Wednesday.

SS 8 Tuesday 10/2:  Complete Section Review Sheet.

SS 8 Wednesday 10/3  for Tuesday 10/8  Quiz 1 (TH), Section Review Handout Section 1 , Read Section 2, Complete Section Review Handout Section 2, Quiz 2 (TH), Battle of Bull Run Lesson.  All due Tuesday. I am planning a trip to Manassas on Tuesday 10/16.  Will advise details next week.

Wednesday 10/10:  Pg 521 Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3, 4 and 5.  Read pp. 522-523. Complete Analyze Geography and History paragraph. TURN IN PERMISSION SLIPS FRIDAY

SS 8 Friday 10/12:  Read Pp. 524-527. Do ALL Vocabulary Builder Pg. 524. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3 and 4.  Do Progress Monitor online.  Arrive Monday with any questions.

SS 8  Monday 10/15: Review HW in class, try to finish GLORY.   Makup Webquest due.

Tuesday 10/16:  Field Trip to Manassas Battlefield.

Wednesday 10/17:  Review Webquest in Class.  Review Manassas questions.  Finish GLORY   Begin assignment we discussed.   You each were assigned subsections, write down the three most important parts of your section in any form and create a question to ask the class Thursday.

SS 8 Thursday 10/18:  Review Section 4 assignment and review for quiz Tomorrow.

SS 8 Friday 10/19:  Quiz on Section 4. Read Pg. 528-532 Do ALL Vocabulary Builder Answer  1AB, 2AB, 3 and 4.  We will review our previous quizzes and discuss the section Monday.

WL 5  Morse Code: USCG Exam practice. Flashing Light

WL 6  Morse Code:  USCG Exam practice. Flashing Light.

NEWSLETTER 10/22-10/26

Welcome Back!  I hope you had a great weekend.

Monday 10/22:  6th Grade will be reviewing Chapter 3 which has shown many new advances in the ancient world some of which continue to this day.  7th Grade will finish preparing for a test Tomorrow.  8th Grade will continue their study of the Civil War to piggyback our trip to Manassas which remains fresh in our memory.

Tuesday 10/23:  6th grade will finish Chapter 3.  7th Grade will have their Test and begin working on the next chapter lesson and homework. 8th Grade will prepare for another quiz.


Have a great, safe weekend.  Please pray for me as I will be praying for you.

Mr. Linton