Mr. Jeff Linton


I am excited to bring to life the many facets of our Social Studies program from 6th Grade Ancient Civilization, 7th Grade American History 1 and 8th Grade American History 2.    We will continue to foster a love of learning and pursue a greater understanding of how societies began and continue to exist. Our 5th and 6th Grade World Languages program will coincide with the Social Studies curriculum in an effort to enhance the students understanding of regional languages from the past to the present.

UPDATED 5/20/19   (All recent homework is at the bottom of each grade list).


SS 6- Monday:  6th Grade Social Studies: Read Pp. 20-21.  Answer 1-9 on Pg. 21 Due tomorrow.

SS 6- Tuesday:  Read Pp. 21-22  Answer # 15-17 on Pg. 22 and 1-7 on Pg. 23 Due Thursday.

SS 6- Thursday: Complete Key Terms Pg. 28.  Read Pg. 28-34.  Answer #1B, 2A, 3A, 4AB.  We will discuss Ice Man Friday and have Chapter 2 Section 1 Quiz on Monday.

SS 6- Friday:  Review Study Ch.2 Section 1 for quiz Monday. We may have a test on Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 on Friday.   Be safe and have a great weekend!

SS 6 Monday 9/17:  Do Key Terms Pg. 36, Read Pp. 36-39 Answer # 1,2,3.  Complete Section 2 Review Sheet for Thursday.   Test Unit 1 Tue 9/25.

SS 6 Thursday 9/20:  Ch. 2 Sect. 2 Quiz.  Greenland kayak exhibit on the lawn. Quiz 3 on Section 3 Monday.  Test on Unit 1 (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2) Tuesday 9/25

SS 6 Friday 9/21: HW Complete Section 3  Key Terms Pg. 40. Read Pg. 40-43.  Answer 1AB, 2AB and #3 on pg. 43.  START STUDY HERE: TONIGHT, Read Chapter 1 with your notes and put question marks where you need help understanding.  Review your quizzes and notes from Chapter 1 and answer the Chapter 1 key terms and summary in the Unit 1 Study Guide I gave you.   SATURDAY: Read Chapter 2. Review notes,  write a question mark in your notebooks for something you don’t understand (ask Monday). Answer the Chapter 2 key terms and summary in the the Unit 1 Study Guide I gave you.  Review  Section 1-3  Study guides you completed. .  SUNDAY after Mass, Study Section 3 Pg. 40-43 for quiz Monday.  After Quiz 3, we will discuss questions you have and review the chapters. Test on Unit 1 is Tuesday  9/25.

SS 6- Monday 9/24:  Review Unit 1 for Test tomorrow (CHANGE-REVIEW tonight and ask questions tomorrow.  TEST 1 is WED 9/26)

SS 6- Wednesday 9/26:  Review Timeline Pg 50-51. Do ALL Key Terms Pg. 54. Read Pp. 54-57. Answer 1ABC and 2ABC.  Quiz Friday or Monday.

SS 6- Monday 10/1 Chapter 2 Section 1.  We will complete a section review in class tomorrow and answer questions.  Quiz is Wednesday 10/3

SS 6- Tuesday 10/2.   Complete Section Review sheet and study for Quiz 1 tomorrow.

SS 6- Wednesday 10/3.  Quiz 1.  Read Section 2 and Complete Section 2 Review Sheet. Complete ALL Key Terms on Pg. 60

SS 6- Thursday 10/4 for TUESDAY 10/9- Review homework. Review Quiz Answer questions.  Answer # 1ABC , 2 ABC and #3. WEEKEND Study Section 2 for Quiz on Tuesday.

SS 6- Tuesday 10/8:  Study for Quiz on Chapter 3 Section 2 tomorrow.  Complete homework if not already finished for credit.

SS 6 Wednesday 10/10: Quiz. Homework. Read Pp.65-69.  Finish Section 3 Review Sheets.  Answer #1ABC, 2AB, 3 AB.  We will do #4 in class Thursday.

SS 6 Thursday 10/11:   Complete #4 Pg. 69 and Read the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Answer # 1 and #2.

SS 6 Friday 10/12:Read Pp. 65-69. Each student is assigned a sub-section. They are to read their subsection, write in any form they choose i.e. bullet points, a drawing etc. what they THINK are the three most important points of that subsection and then write a question to ask the class.  They then need to read the entire Section 3 again,  Pp. 65-69 to prepare to answer questions in class. Quiz on this section is Tuesday 10/16.

SS 6 Monday 10/15:  Study for Quiz on Section 3 tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 10/16:  Section 3 Quiz.  Complete Section review sheets and Read Pp. 72-77. Complete ALL Key Terms Pg. 72.  Answer 1AB, 2AB and 3AB.  We will do #4 in class tomorrow. Bring your Bible to class.

SS 6 Wednesday 10/17:  NO HOMEWORK

SS 6 Thursday 10/18: Finish #4 Pg. 77.  Intro Bible.  Complete Social Studies Skills 1-3 and Read Pp. 72-77 again. Complete assigned subsection homework (Pick 3 most important points in your assigned subsection and then create a question to ask the class).

SS 6 Friday 10/19: Finish Chapter Review Pg. 79  1-12.

SS 6 Monday 10/22: Study for Quiz Section 4 Tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 10/23: Drug and Alcohol Education Assembly

SS 6 Wednesday 10/24:  Quiz Section 4.  Do Ch. 3 Test Practice Pg. 81.. Read timeline Pp. 82-83.  Read Pp. 85 and Do 1-4.  Complete the Section 1 Review Sheet handout and read Pp. 86-89.

SS 6 Thursday 10/25:  For Monday. Read Pp. 86-89.  Do all Key Terms Pg. 86. Answer #1ABC, 2ABC, 3AB and #4.   Take notes on your reading.  I will check them.  Come to class with any questions so we can clarify the information.

SS 6 Monday 10/29:  Subsection assignment.  Read each Section and write down 3-5 most important points and 1 question for class.  Example. The Gift of the Nile: Location and Physical Features. 3-5 points and 1 question.  The Floods of the Nile 3-5 points and 1 question, Civilzation Develops Along the Nile 3-5 and 1.  Kings Unify Egypt. 3-5 and 1.  We will review this Wednesday and have a quiz Thursday or Friday.

SS 6 Tuesday 10/30:  Study for quiz Wednesday.

SS 6 Wednesday 10/31:  No Homework Happy Halloween!

SS 6 Thursday 11/1:  Review Quiz.  Read Pp. 90-95. Do ALL Key Terms. Answer 1ABC, 2AB, 3AB.  We will do Number 4 in class on Monday AND Complete subsection assignments for us to discuss on Monday.   This is to build excellent note taking skills.

SS 6 Friday 11/2:  RACING!

SS 6 Monday 11/5: Subsection assignments.  Find no less than 5 important items in each subsection and create a question for the class. Plan on a quiz Wednesday.

SS 6 Tuesday 11/6:  Study for Quiz.

SS 6 Wednesday 11/7:  Quiz.  Complete Subsection 3 Handout you received after the quiz.

SS 6 Thursday 11/8:  Read Pp. 96-100. Do all Key Terms.  Answer 1AB, 2AB and 3 AB and #4.  Be ready to discuss in class ask questions.

SS 6 Friday 11/9:  Complete subsection assignments.

SS 6 Tuesday 11/13:  Review Section 3 again and do assignment over.

SS 6 Thursday 11/15:  Complete Subsection assignment.  We will review tomorrow for quiz Monday.

SS 6 Friday 11/16:  Complete Cornell notes sheet to study for quiz Monday.  Ask yourself the following for each subsection when you study:  Who was involved, what happened, why did it happen, what were the results.

SS 6 Monday 11/19:  Quiz. Complete Pg. 101 and answer the 4 questions.  Look at Key Ideas in the top right of Pg. 101.  This poem was translated from what language?  Complete handout.

SS 6 Tuesday 11/20: Read Pp. 102-106.  Use your good note taking method to begin notes.  Write them like the handout Friday and do the notes for Egyptian Writing, Writing in Ancient Egypt, The Rosetta Stone and Egyptian Texts.   We will discuss Monday.  When writing ask who, what, why and where for each subsection.    Be the S.M.E.!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

SS 6 Monday 11/26:  Complete Cornell notes on  Temples, Tombs and Art, Egyptian Art.  Be ready to explain your notes and details of the sections tomorrow 11/27.  Be the S.M.E.!

SS 6 Tuesday 11/27:  Do ALL Key Terms.  Read Pp. 102-106 again.  Answer #1ABC, 2ABC, 3. Take the online quiz.   We will do # 4 tomorrow in Class.

SS 6 Thursday 11/29:  Review Summary notes to discuss in class tomorrow.  Quiz Monday

SS 6 Friday 11/30: Study for Quiz Monday.

SS 6 Monday 12/3:  QUIZ.  Complete handout. Read Pp 107-113. Do Key Terms and answer 1AB, 2ABC, 3AB and 4AB. Due 12/4.  We will answer the rest in class.

SS 6 Tuesday 12/4: CSPS tomorrow no homework.

SS 6 Wednesday 12/5:    Begin Cornell notes for The Geography of Early Nubia in blue and all RED subsections through Pg. 109 . STOP AFTER you complete The Conquest of Egypt.  We will review tomorrow. Due 12/6

SS 6 Thursday 12/6:  Continue Cornell notes for Pp. 110 and 111.  We will discuss tomorrow 12/7.  Plan on another quiz Tuesday  12/11.

SS 6 Friday 12/7:  Review the image on Pg. 112 and finish the notes on Pg. 113.  Review notes for class.  We will review them on Monday.  BE THE S.M.E!!  Study for Quiz Tuesday  12/11.

SS 6 Tuesday 12/11:  Study for Quiz on Kush Thursday.   We will then begin to prepare for our next Test.

SS 6 Thursday 12/13:  QUIZ.  Complete Study guide questions. Test next Tue. or Wed.

SS 6 Friday 12/14: Complete Chapter Review  Sheet. Study for Test Tuesday.

SS 6 Monday 12/17:  Review for Test.  Complete  in class #1-7 on Pg. 115 and 8-15 on Pg. 116.   Test tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 12/18:  TEST  Homework:  Prepare you hearts for the coming of Christ and enjoy your time with your family this week.

Tuesday 12/18- Friday 12/21.  Spend time with your family and be truly thankful for those who love you.

SS 6-Thursday 1/3/18:  Read pp. 120-123.  Answer #1 and #4 on page 123.  Complete Key Terms on page 124.  This is meant to shake off the cobwebs from break.  We will continue our Section 3 introduction similarities and differences and begin our section review tomorrow.  Due Fri. 1/4.

SS 6 Friday 1/4/18:  Read Pp. 124-129.  Answer 1ABC, 2ABC, 3AB.  Complete the online quiz.  Due Monday 1/7/19.     We will check this homework and the homework due last Friday.  We will also review our test.

SS 6 Monday  1/7/19:  Complete Cornell subsection notes from class.  Due Tuesday 1/8/19.      We will review this information tomorrow. Come to class with questions so we can clarify our understanding.  Again write good notes.  Let’s hone this skill the rest of this year.

SS 6 Tuesday 1/8/19:   Ancient India Worksheet due Thursday 1/9. Makeup work due for those absent.

SS 6 Thursday 1/10/19:  Study for quiz tomorrow Friday 1/11/19.

SS 6 Friday 1/11/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 130-135.  Do Key Terms.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3AB and 4AB.

SS 6 Tuesday 1/15/19:  Read Pp. 136-141.  Do Key Terms. Answer #2B, 3AB.  We will discuss Thursday.  Due 1/17/19.

READ Carefully.  SNOW DAY homework included.   SS 6 Thursday 1/17/19: Read Pp. 160-165.  Do Key Terms  (There are two of them).  Answer #1AB and 2 ABC.  We will discuss tomorrow. Due 1/18/19.  If we have a SNOW DAY tomorrow 1/18, the assignment above  AND #3AB and #4.  READ #5 ONLY (do not write). Will be due Tuesday.  We will discuss Tuesday and plan on a quiz Thursday.

SS 6 Tuesday 1/22/19:  Complete Ancient China Review Sheets Due Thursday 1/24  Quiz Thursday 1/24.

SS 6 Thursday 1/24/19:  Read Pp. 166-171.  Complete all Key Terms.  Answer 1ABC, 2AB, 3ABC.   Due Friday 1/25.                 We will do #4 for homework over the weekend with notes.

SS 6 Friday 1/25/19 due Monday 1/28/19:  Complete assigned Cornell notes sections.  Focus on the correct format and spelling.  Also, write down any new words you come across.  We will discuss on Monday.

SS 6 Monday 1/28/19:  No Homework.  Remember your sections. We will discuss tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 1/29/19:  Zhou China Homework sheet Due Wednesday 1/30/19.

SS 6 Friday 2/1/19:  Study for Quiz Monday.

SS 6 Monday 2/4/19:  QUIZ on Zhou Dynasty.  Read Pp. 172-176.  Do Key Terms on Pg. 172. Answer #1ABC, 2ABC AND #4.   Complete Cornell Notes.  We will review tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 2/5/19:  Section Review Sheet Qin Dynasty.

SS 6 Wednesday 2/6/19:  #3 on page. 176.

SS 6 Thursday 2/7/19:  Study for QUIZ tomorrow.

SS 6 Posted 2/11:  Friday’s homework for 2/8 was Read Pp. 178-183  Do Key Terms  Answer 1ABC, 2AB, 3 and #5.

SS 6 2/12/19: Han Dynasty Cornell Notes.  Due Wednesday 2/13.

SS 6 2/13/19:  Han Dynasty Review Sheet Due Friday 2/15

SS 6 2/19/19:  Han Dynasty Quiz.  Read Pp. 186-189. Do ALL Key Terms Pg. 186.  Answer 1ABC, 2AB, 3AB (B uses generalizations.  Make certain your generalizations are accurate based on facts and not “Hasty” and #5.   ( I will ask if you have read your homework on this page).

SS 6 2/22/19:  Subsections and the Silk Road.  Details and questions for classmates.  Quiz Tuesday or Wednesday.

SS 6 2/25/19:  Review Notes.  We will complete review in the first half of class and plan a quiz the second half.

SS 6 2/26 and 27/19:  Chapter 6 Review  Chapter Review questions on Pp. 193, 194 and the Standardized Test Practice on Page. 195.

SS 6 3/4/19:  Chapter 6 Review Sheet Due Tuesday 3/5.  Answer to study.   Be the SME!!

SS 6 3/5/19:  Study your quizzes and review sheets.  We will discuss sections tomorrow for a planned test Thursday.

SS 6 3/6/19:  Complete your section review questions and submit to me in email for homework.  We will have our Test Tuesday.  This assignment is a challenge.  It is intended for you to think like the teacher would think.  Do your best to ask good questions.

SS 6 3/12/19:  Ancient China Test   HW Read Timeline Pp. 198-199.  Read Pp. 202-207. Do ALL Key Terms on page 202.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3 and 4AB.  We will discuss tomorrow.

SS 6 3/14/19:  Early Hebrews.  Complete assigned Cornell notes.   Due Friday 3/15.  If you are absent, pick a section and subsection.  List three to five important details and create a question to ask classmates. We will review our test Friday and this information for a quiz Monday or Tuesday.

SS 6 Monday 3/18/19:  Complete #5 and #6 from section and review notes.  Quiz Wed.

SS 6 Tuesday 3/19/19:  Review Section Sheet for Quiz Wed.

SS 6 Wednesday 3/20/19: Read Pp. 208-213

SS 6 Thursday 3/21/19: Read Pp. 208-213 Do ALL Key Terms.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3AB, 4 and #5.

SS 6 Friday 3/22/19:  Complete Cornell Notes assignment and be ready to ask questions to your classmates.  Be the SME!

SS 6 Tuesday 3/26/19:  Complete Section review sheet due Thursday 3/28

SS 6 Thursday 3/28/19: KAHOOT  Study for Quiz tomorrow

SS 6 Friday 3/29/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 214-219 Judaism over the Centuries.  Do ALL Key Terms Pg. 214.   Answer 1AB, 2AB and #3.  Find out the the meaning of the following Yiddish expressions:  chutzpah, futz, mazel tov, mensch, nosh, oy, schlemiel, schmoozing and schlep.

SS 6 Monday 4/1/19:  Look up at the stars and our beautiful creation.  Spend time with your family.  Good work 6th Grade.  No other homework this evening.

SS 6 Tuesday 4/2/19:  Cornell note assignments.  Write down three or more important points and create two questions on each of your subsections.  Be the SME.

SS 6 Thursday 4/4/19:  Study for Quiz tomorrow.

SS 6 Friday 4/5/19:  Read Pp. 220 and 221.  Answer #1 and #2 on Pg. 220.  AND  Answer 1-10, 11ABC, 12ABC on Pg. 221  DUE MONDAY 4/8.

SS 6 Monday 4/8/19:  Continue Chapter Review #13,14,15,16,17,18, Review Section 1 and Section 2 Notes.

SS 6 Tuesday 4/9/19:  Continue # 19,21,22,23 and Test Practice Page, 223.   Review of Section 3 and 4.

SS 6 Thursday 4/11/19:  Study for Test tomorrow.

SS 6 Friday 4/12/19:  Read Pp. 226-227.   Do 1,2 and 3 on page 227.   Read Pp. 228-233.  Do the First and Last sentence skim method first.  Then go back through and read the entire section.  We will discuss if this helps us with retention on Monday

SS 6 Monday 4/15/19:  Do Key Terms Pg. 228.  Answer 1ABC, 2AB, 3AB, 4 and 5 on page 233.

SS 6 Monday 4/29/19:  Complete Cornell Notes for Section 1 and come prepared to ask and answer questions tomorrow.

SS 6 Tuesday 4/30/19:  Study for Quiz Thursday

SS 6 Thursday 5/2/19:  Quiz  Read Pp. 236-241.  Do Key Terms AND 1AB, 2AB, 3AB and #4.

SS 6 Friday  5/3/19:  Complete Cornell Notes and questions assignment.  We will review the homework due Friday with this homework on Monday . Plan on a Quiz Thursday.

SS 6 Tuesday 5/7/19:  Study section 1 for Quiz Thursday

SS 6 Thursday 5/9/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 242-249 Do Key Terms.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3ABC and #4

SS 6 Friday 5/10/19:  Cornell Note assignments.  We will plan on a quiz Tuesday.

SS 6 Monday 5/13/19:  Section Review Sheet and study for Quiz on Wednesday

SS 6 Tuesday 5/14/19:  Study for quiz tomorrow.

SS 6 Wednesday 5/15/19:  Read Pg. 250-251 answer #1 and #2 on bottom of pg. 251.  Read Pg. 252.  Pg. 253 #1-8 and 9ABC, 10ABC, 11ABC. DUE Friday.

SS 6 Friday 5/17/19:  Due Monday  Continue the Chapter review on pg 254; #12,13,14, 16,17,18 and 19.

SS 6 Monday 5/20/19:  In Class  Do Standard Test Paractice.  Read Pp.255-257.  Answer questions on Pg. 257. Look at Venn Diagram on Pg. 258 and answer questions on pg. 258.   HOMEWORK:  Read Pp. 260-265. Do ALL Key Terms and be able to answer; Who, What, When, Where and Why?   Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3AB.  QUIZ Thursday.

SS 6 Tuesday 5/21/19:  Cornell Notes per instruction.

SS 6 Wednesday 5/22/19:  Study for Quiz Tomorrow.

SS 6 Thursday 5/23/19:  Quiz cancelled due to rehearsal.  Quiz Tomorrow

SS 6 Friday 5/24/19:  Quiz

SS 6 Tuesday 5/28/19:  Read Pp. 266-271.  Do Key Terms.  Anser 1AB, 2AB, 3AB, Venn Diagram #4. We will discuss Thursday.


SS 7 – Monday:  Study for Quiz tomorrow over the following:  Vocabulary Pg. 16 and understand Key terms.  Read Pp. 16-19 Do Reading Skill pg. 16 to help your notes.   Answer questions 1AB, 2AB and #3 to help study.  Complete Progress Monitoring online from pg. 19.

SS 7 Tuesday: Complete ALL Vocabulary words on Pg. 22. Read Pp 22-27 Answer # 1AB, 2AB, 4, 5, 6 and complete Progress Monitor. Quiz on Section 4 Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday:  Study ICHTHUS for Quiz Thur.  We then review Section 4.  Quiz on Section 4 Friday.

SS 7 Thursday:  Receive Chromebooks.  Study for ICHTHUS quiz tomorrow.

SS 7 Friday: Review Section 4 for Quiz 4 Monday 9/17.    Chapter 1 Test Monday 9/24.

SS 7 Monday 9/17: Rd. Pg. 29, Finish Study Guide Sheet, Do #1-3 on Pg. 30.  Test 1 Monday 9/24

SS 7 Friday 9/21:  Study review sheets as we discussed in Class.  TEST 1 is TUESDAY 9/25.

SS 7 Monday 9/24:  Study for Test 1 tomorrow 9/25

SS 7 Tuesday 9/25:  Read Pg. 32 Look at Timeline. Do Vocabulary Builder on Pg. 36.  Read Pp. 36-43. Answer: 1AB, 2AB, 3 and complete Progress Monitor online.  We will discuss tomorrow and review homework..

SS 7 Wednesday 9/27:  Read Pp. 32-33 Look at Timeline.  Read Pp. 36-43 Do ALL Vocabulary Builder on Pg. 36.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, #3 and Progress monitor online.  Come to class with questions.

SS 7 Thursday 9/28.  Study for Quiz 1 Tomorrow.

SS 7 Monday 10/1: Review Chapter 2 Section 1 Review Sheet for Quiz 1 tomorrow.

SS 7 Tuesday 10/2:  Quiz  on Sect. 1.    HW Begin Section  2 Review Sheet.  Complete for HW and ALL Vocabulary Builder on page 44.

SS 7 Wednesday. Review  Quiz.  Review Section 2 Review Sheet and review chapter. Complete Section 2 homework questions in class and study for Quiz Thur.

SS 7 Thursday for WEEKEND.  Complete Section 3 Review Sheet. Read Pp 49-52.  You were assigned a section.  1.  Find the three most important points of that section and explain them as any of the following: A timeline, or a comic strip, tradtional notes with bullet points etc.  You pick how you want to write the most important points.   2.  Each of you create a question about the section to ask your other students Tuesday.  Please ask if you have any questions.   For the absent student, study for the quiz you were to have Thursday and then do the assignment above on the subsection Northern Voyages on Pg. 51 (Write 3 points you think are most important and create a question from your subsection for the class).

SS 7 Tuesday 10/9: Review the information above and complete for credit.  We will finish our review of material tomorrow.  Quiz Thursday.

SS 7 Wednesday 10/10: Study for Quiz

SS 7 Thursday 10/11:  Section 3 Quiz.  Preview Section 4. Complete Section Review sheet begun in class and answer #1AB, 2AB, 4 and #5 and Progress Monitoring.  We will do #6 in class tomorrow.

SS 7 Friday 10/12:  Review Quiz and homework.   Do subsection work assigned to each student. Write down 3 most important points and have a question ready to ask the class Monday.   Study for Section 4 quiz Tuesday.

SS 7 Monday 10/15: Review Quiz. Review homework, Study for Section 4 quiz tomorrow

SS 7 Tuesday 10/16:  Section 4 Quiz.  Complete Chapter 2 Review # 1-9. Due tomorrow.  We will continue the review of the chapter in class to prepare for a chapter test Friday or Monday.

SS 7 Wednesday 10/17:  Complete Chapter 2 Self Test Pg. 61

SS 7 Thursday 10/18: Complete your assigned part of the Ch. 2 Study Guide and read Ch. 2 Section 1 Pp. 36-41.

SS 7 Friday 10/19: Read Chapter 2 Section 2 . Review notes and go over your Chapter Review Sheet we completed in class.

SS 7 Saturday 10/20: Read Chapter 2 Section 3. Review notes.  Study the Chapter 2 Review Sheet

SS 7 Sunday 10/21: Read Chapter 2 Section 4 and notes after Mass.  Review notes and enjoy the afternoon.  After dinner, review Chapter 2 timeline Pg. 32 -33 and study the Chapter 2 Review Sheet for TEST 2 Tuesday..

SS 7 Monday 10/22:  Complete Chapter review sheet and study for TEST tomorrow.

SS 7 Tuesday 10/23:  Drug and Alcohol Education Assembly

SS 7 Wednesday 10/24:  Test Chapter 2. Begin Chapter 3 Colonies Take Root. Do ALL Vocabulary Builder Pg. 66. Read Pp. 66-70 Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4 and 5.

SS 7 Thursday 10/25:  Begin Chapter 3 Colonies Take Root.   Complete your assigned subsection, no less than 5 important points and one question for the class. (If you are absent, pick one of the following sections England Seeks Colonies, Founding Jamestown Prospers, The Plymouth Colony.

SS 7 Monday 10/29: Complete Colonies Take Root homework packet.  Review section 1 for discussion tomorrow.  Quiz Wednesday.

SS 7 Tuesday 10/30:  Study for quiz Wednesday.

SS 7 Wednesday 10/31:  Happy Halloween No Homework.

SS 7 Thursday 11/1:  Jamestown movie.  DUE MONDAY. Read Pp. 71-76. Do ALL Vocab builder. Answer 1AB, 2AB, #3.  We will do #5 in class on Monday.  AND Subsection assignments this time 5 important points from the subsections and 1 question.   This is to develop excellent note taking skills.

SS 7-Friday:  Racing!!

SS 7 Monday 11/5:  Re-read Section 2 Pp. 71-76.  We will discuss tomorrow to ready ourselves for the quiz Wednesday.

SS 7 Tuesday 11/6:  Study for Quiz tomorrow

SS 7 Wednesday 11/7: Quiz.  Read Section 3 and do all Vocabulary. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4 and 5. Complete progress monitor online.

SS 7 Thursday 11/8:  CSPS No Homework

SS 7 Friday 11/9:  Complete subsection assignments.  Each student identifies 3 important points of each subsection.  Use this as a review for your quiz next Wednesday.   Be ready to present Tuesday

SS 7 Tuesday 11/13: Complete study guide.  Review section for discussion .  Quiz Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday 11/14: Complete Subsection sheet #3.  DO NOT COMPLETE #4.

SS 7 Thursday 11/15: Study section Middle Colonies.

SS 7 Friday 11/16: Complete Cornell notes sheet to study for quiz Monday.  Ask yourself the following for each subsection when you study:  Who was involved, what happened, why did it happen, what were the results.

SS 7 Monday 11/19: Quiz. Complete handout Read Pp. 82 and 83.  Write a paragraph per the Analyze box on pg. 83.  State at least two sentences for each region.   Use this as a notes summary for the Northern and Middle Colonies but also an introduction to the Southern Colonies.  Answer: Why was slavery established in the Southern Colonies?

SS 7 Tuesday 11/20  Do All Vocabulary Builder Pg. 84.  Read Pp. 84-89.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4, 5 and #6. Due 11/27

SS 7 Tuesday  11/27: Begin your notes using the Cornell method.  Use the handout from the Middle Colonies as an example for your work.  Begin on page 84 Geography of the Southern Colonies and do them neatly.  Stop at Colonies in the Carolinas and Georgia Who, why and what are the subsections talking about?  Remember, be the S.M.E. We will discuss Due 11/28.

SS 7 Wednesday 11/28:  Complete Cornell notes from Colonies in the Carolinas and Georgia and complete all subsections through The Backcountry on Pg. 89.   Do Self Test online on pg. 89. Due 11/29.

SS 7 Thursday 11/29:  LHS service work.

SS 7 Friday 11/30: Review for Quiz Monday.

SS 7 Monday 12/3:  Quiz.  Complete Handout. Read Pp. 90-93.  Complete all Vocabulary Builder Pg. 90 and answer #1AB, 2AB, 3AB and #4 and #5.   Have questions ready for tomorrow.

SS 7 Tuesday 12/4:  Begin Cornell notes on Pg. 90 in class and complete all through Pg. 93 for homework.   We will discuss details tomorrow.   Prepare for a quiz on Thursday/Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday 12/5:  Continue Cornell notes discussion challenge

SS 7 Thursday 12/6:  Complete notes Challenge and Study for Quiz tomorrow. BE THE S.M.E!

SS 7 Friday 12/7:  Quiz.   Read Pp. 94 and 95.  Complete #1-12 on Pg. 96.  Number 11 and 12 are writing assignments.  This is review for an upcoming test.  Take this time to answer the questions in an effort to get a head start on studying.  I am planning to have your next Test Thursday over the Chapter.

SS 7 Tuesday 12/11:  Complete 13-16 on page 96 and ALL of Pg. 97.  Do Self Test online and worksheet assignment if I gave it to you.

SS 7 Wednesday 12/12:  Study guide worksheet 1

SS 7 Friday 12/14:  Study guide worksheet.  TEST MONDAY

SS 7 Monday 12/17:  TEST.  Homework:  Prepare your hearts for Christ.  Spend time with your family.  They are the greatest gifts of all.

Tuesday 12/18- Friday 12/21.  Class lessons.  No Homework.

Wednesday 12/19:  Spend time with your family and be truly thankful for those who love you.

SS 7 Thursday 1/3/19:  Think of the movie we began to watch today.  We will discuss tomorrow and complete the film.  This will act as an introduction to the following section in Chapter 4.

SS 7 Friday 1/4/19:  Read Pp. 102-106.  Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3 4, 5, 6 and #7.  Do the self test online and arrive to class Monday with Questions.  Plan on a quiz Wednesday.

SS 7 Monday 1/7/19:  Complete assigned Cornell Notes and be ready to teach classmates on subsections.

SS 7 Tuesday 1/8/19:  English Bill of Rights worksheet due Wed. 1/9/18.

SS 7 Wednesday 1/9/19:  Section Review Sheet due Friday 1/11/19.

SS 7 Thursday 1/10/19:  Study for Quiz tomorrow

SS 7 Friday 1/11/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 113-117 Do Vocab Builder.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 4,5 and 6.

SS 7 Tuesday 1/15/19:  Cornell Subsection assignments.

SS 7 Wednesday 1/16/19:  Complete History Review sheet.  Due Friday 1/18/19.  Quiz Tuesday.

SS 7 Tuesday 1/22/19:  Complete Review Sheets Focus on Slave codes know details.   Quiz tomorrow or Thursday.

SS 7 Wednesday 1/23/19: READ CAREFULLY.  Homework due Friday 1/25/19:  Read Pp. 118-123  Complete ALL Vocabulary Builder.   Write down new words from the text so we can learn them.  Example; Compulsory (Pg. 118).   Answer the following on page 123:  1AB, 2AB, 3 and 4.  We will discuss Friday and begin our notes.

SS 7 Friday 1/25/19:  Complete assigned Cornell notes.  If you were absent.  I sent a details explanation to your parents.   Due Monday 1/27/19.   We will try to answer the focus question from the board on Monday.   Quiz Tuesday or Wednesday.

SS 7 Read about Benjamin Franklin Pp. 124 -125.  Answer the Checkpoint question at the bottom of the page and the Analyze question in Red on the right of the page.  Write the letter from Analyze Literature at the bottom of page 125.  Due 1/29/19.

SS 7 1/29/19:  Quiz Monday.   Review the sections and ask yourself Who? What? When? Why? Where? and How?   If you can answer all for each subsection, you are ready.  If not, review again.

SS 7  2/4/19:  Quiz.    Complete the Venn Diagram Compare and Contrast skill on page 126.  Read Pg. 127 as a summary.  Understand each section and the Key Concepts on pg. 127.  Answer 1-11 and #13 on page 128.   Complete Self Test on page 129 #1,2,3 and 4. TEST Friday.

SS 7 2/5/19:  Section Review Sheet for Test study .

SS 7 2/6/19:  Test Review Sheet

SS 7 2/7/19:  Study for Test tomorrow.

SS 7 2/8/19:  TEST

SS 7 UPDATED 2/12/19:  Read Timeline Pp. 136-137.  Rd. Pp. 140-144 Do All Vocab Builder. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, and 4.

SS 7 2/13/19: Cornell Notes for entire Section 5 important points and 1 question from each subsection.

SS 7 2/15/19:  Section 1 Study Guide.  Use to study for the quiz Tuesday.

SS 7 2/19/19:  Quiz. Read Pp. 145-149. Do ALL Vocabulary Builder.  Answer Checkpoint questions on page 146, 147 and 149.  Answer #1,2,3, 4,5 and 6.  *Answer Number 7 for one Bonus point.   We will discuss in class tomorrow.

SS 7 2/20/19:  Snow Day

SS 7 2/21/19: Snow Day

SS 7 2/22/19:  Science Squid Dissect.  Homework:  You will get 1 bonus point toward your next test or quiz.   Look at the picture on page 148 and complete the Critical Thinking question from the left of the photo.   This is a lesson in logic.  Look up the word sensationalism.   We will discuss in class Monday.

SS 7 2/25/19:  Complete Cornell Notes.  We will discuss in class tomorrow.  Quiz Wednesday.

SS 7 2/26/19:  Study for Quiz tomorrow. Quiz Review Sheet Due

SS 7 2/27/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 150-153 Do ALL Vocabulary Builder. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3AB, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.   Due Friday 3/1/19.  Quiz Monday Begin your studies with the homework.  Read and do the work intentionally for retention.

SS 7 3/4/19:  Study for Quiz.  Quiz Review Sheet.

SS 7 3/5/19:  Quiz.  Read Pg. 154 and 155.  Write letter, be creative.  Read Pp. 156-161.  Do ALL Vocab Builder and answer: 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 and 6.  Do self test online.  Check your work.  Quiz Monday.

SS 7 3/5/19:  Student J.O. Study your review sheet you will complete for a quiz tomorrow.  ALL OTHER STUDENTS Read Pp. 154-155.  Write a letter per the bottom right of page 155.  READ Pp. 156-161.  Do ALL Vocabulary Builder.  ANSWER 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 and 6.  Complete the Self Test online and tell me how you did in class Tuesday.  Also, CORNELL NOTES for the section. Lastly, look up  Sybil… whom I wrote on the board and you all confirmed.  Be able to explain briefly who she was in reference to the American Revolution.

SS 7  3/12/19:  Complete Section 4 Review sheet.  We will discuss this sheet and the section for review tomorrow.  Quiz Thursday during CSPS.

SS 7 3/13/19:  Study for Quiz on Section 4 tomorrow.

SS 7 3/14/19:  Quiz   Begin Chapter Study.  Read Pp. 162 and learn the skill.  This follows how we do our notes.  Answer 1-4 on Pg. 162.   Read Pp. 163.  Read over a few times to understand the details of each section and Key Concepts.   Go to Pg. 164.  Answer 1-4 AND 5AB, 6AB, 7ABC, 8ABC and 9AB.  We will discuss tomorrow and continue our Chapter review Friday for a test next week.

SS 7   3/15/19: Complete the rest of the Chapter Test Review on Pp. 164 and 165.  8ABC, 9AB, 10,11,13,14 and Self Test 1-3 on Pg. 165.

SS 7   3/18/19:  Complete Chapter Review Sheet 1. Test Friday.

SS 7  3/19/19:  Continue Review of Chapter.  Finish Test Review Sheet for homework.  Study for Test Friday.

SS 7   3/20/19:  Final Review for Test Friday in class.

SS 7   3/21/19:  Study for Test

3/22/19:  Test  Homework Read Pp. 166-167 Timeline. Read Pg. 168 and Answer #1-4.  Read Pp. 170-173.  Do All Vocabulary Builder.  Anwer 1AB, 2AB, 4, 5 and 6.  We will do #3 and #7 in class Monday.  Be ready to discuss.

3/25/19:  Cornell Notes and questions

3/26/19:  Section review sheet AND Chronology of events sheet.

SS 7 Wednesday 3/27/19:  Complete Common Sense sheet.  Study for quiz Friday.

SS 7 Friday 3/29/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 174-178 Write in notebooks ALL bubbled notations in margins (more like parallelograms).  Answer Critical Thinking question at the top of Page 174.

SS 7 Monday 4/1/19:  Read Pp. 179-184.  Do ALL Vocab Builder.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 4,5,6,7.

SS 7 Tuesday 4/2/19:  Cornell Notes for assigned subsections and questions.  Be the SME.   Quiz Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday 4/3/19:  Finish The Patriot.  Quiz Friday. Read Valley Forge on Page. 184 AND Page 185.  Answer Analyze Dramatic Conflict and write the paragraph for Analyze Literature on page 185

SS 7 Thursday 4/4/19:  Study for Quiz Friday.

SS 7 Friday 4/5/19:  Quiz.   Read Pp. 186-190 Do ALL vocab Builder  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 AND Answer Checkpoint Questions on Pp. 187,188, 189and 190.  Quiz WED.

SS 7 Monday 4/8/19:  Complete assigned Cornell Notes and review section reading for discussion tomorrow.

SS 7 Tuesday 4/9/19:  Complete review sheet and study for Quiz tomorrow

SS 7 Wednesday 4/10/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 191-195 ( Map and images as well)  Do ALL Vocab Builder AND Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 and 6.

SS 7 Friday 4/12/19:  Cornell Notes

SS 7 Monday 4/15/19:  Finish one of the sections for Cornell Notes you did not complete over the weekend.  We will discuss and review tomorrow.

SS 7 Tuesday 4/16/19:  Review Sheets for Section double homework grade.

SS 7 Monday 4/29/19:  Pg. 196 Learn the Skill Answer #1 and read 1-4.  Practice the Skill Answer 1-4.  Read Chapter summary and answer the questions I gave you in class to write in your books in pencil. TEST Friday or Monday.

SS 7 Tuesday 4/30/19:  Review Section 4 for Quiz Wednesday

SS 7 Wedneday 5/1/19:  Quiz.  Read Pg. 198  Answer #1-10.  Test next Friday.

SS 7 Friday 5/3/19:  Complete Test Review sheet.  TEST Friday.

SS 7 Monday 5/6/19: Review Section 1 and corresponding Test Review questions. We will discuss tomorrow and begin Section 2.

SS 7 Tuesday 5/7/19:  Read and study section 3 for Test Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday 5/8/19:  Review Section 3 in class.  Review Section 4 for homework.  We will finalize our study for CSPS tomorrow.

SS 7 Friday 5/10/19:  Test has been moved to Monday

SS 7 Monday 5/13:  Test, Read Pp. 204-209.  Do ALL Vocabulary Builder.  Answer: 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4, 5, 6 and #7.  Make them good for #7.  You are prepping for 8th Grade.

SS 7 Tuesday 5/14: Complete Shay’s Rebellion Sheet AND Complete Cornell notes for Section 1 pp. 204.  If you are absent, pick a section.  Complete 5 important points for EACH assigned section and sub-section and create 3 or more questions.  We will go over this tomorrow and plan on a quiz Friday.

SS 7 Wednesday 5/15:  Complete Review Sheets, Quiz Friday.

SS 7 Friday 5/17/19:  Review sheets and study for quiz Monday.  Those of you who have decided to wait until the last minute to study will not be pleased.  Please put in the effort.  Study the material for the section.

SS 7 Monday 5/20/19:   QUIZ.   Read Pp. 210-211 Answer questions.   Complete Reading Readiness Guide sheet. Single then as a group.  HOMEWORK:  Read Pg. 212-217.  Do ALL Vocab Builder.  Be able to answer; Who, What, When, Where and Why?  Anser 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 and 6.  Finish RRG after reading.  We will discuss tomorrow.

SS 7 Wednesday 5/22/19:  Cornell notes Questions and important points.  Due Tuesday

SS 7 Tuesday 5/28/19:  Self Test and Quiz Review Sheet Due Thursday for CSPS  Quiz Friday.


SS 8 – Monday:  Quiz 2 on Section 2 on Monday.  Monday Homework due Tuesday:  Complete Section 3 Vocabulary Pg. 494, Read Pp. 494-498. Answer 1AB, 2AB, and 3AB.  Complete Progress Monitoring on page 498.  Quiz 3 on Wednesday.

SS 8 – Monday:  Complete Vocabulary Builder Pg. 494. Read Pp.  494-498. Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3AB and Progress Monitoring.

SS 8 – Tuesday: Review Section 3 for Quiz 3 Wednesday 9/12.

SS 8 – Complete ALL Vocabulary on Pg. 499.  Read Pp. 499-503. Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3 and 5.  Due Friday.  Quiz Monday Section 4.  Ch 14 Test Monday 9/24

SS 8-Monday 9/17: Rd. Pg. 505.  Do #1-6 and #8 on Pg. 506 AND #1-3 on Pg 507.

SS 8 Friday 9/21:  Study Review Sheets. Test Tuesday

SS 8 Monday 9/24:  Study for Chapter 14 Test tomorrow 9/25

SS 8 Tuesday 9/25:  Ask about GLORY.  Also, we will discuss a free question from the test.  When reviewing, I was thinking of Lincoln in his early political career and gave guidance as such.  The correct answer was in reference to his reaction after Dredd Scott when he debated Mr. Douglas.  We will discuss tomorrow.

SS 8 Wednesday 9/26 and  Friday 9/28.   Read Pp. 508-509 Review Timeline. Read Pp. 512-517 Complete ALL Vocabulary Builder.  Answer Critical Thinking Pg. 515. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4, 5.  Movie Friday: We will check homework and notes from Monday and review for Quiz 1 Tuesday.

SS 8 Monday 10/1:  Review Section 1  We will complere Section Review sheet and finish Civil War intro. intro movie.  Quiz Wednesday.

SS 8 Tuesday 10/2:  Complete Section Review Sheet.

SS 8 Wednesday 10/3  for Tuesday 10/8  Quiz 1 (TH), Section Review Handout Section 1 , Read Section 2, Complete Section Review Handout Section 2, Quiz 2 (TH), Battle of Bull Run Lesson.  All due Tuesday. I am planning a trip to Manassas on Tuesday 10/16.  Will advise details next week.

Wednesday 10/10:  Pg 521 Answer #1AB, 2AB, 3, 4 and 5.  Read pp. 522-523. Complete Analyze Geography and History paragraph. TURN IN PERMISSION SLIPS FRIDAY

SS 8 Friday 10/12:  Read Pp. 524-527. Do ALL Vocabulary Builder Pg. 524. Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3 and 4.  Do Progress Monitor online.  Arrive Monday with any questions.

SS 8  Monday 10/15: Review HW in class, try to finish GLORY.   Makup Webquest due.

Tuesday 10/16:  Field Trip to Manassas Battlefield.

Wednesday 10/17:  Review Webquest in Class.  Review Manassas questions.  Finish GLORY   Begin assignment we discussed.   You each were assigned subsections, write down the three most important parts of your section in any form and create a question to ask the class Thursday.

SS 8 Thursday 10/18:  Review Section 4 assignment and review for quiz Tomorrow.

SS 8 Friday 10/19:  Quiz on Section 4. Read Pg. 528-532 Do ALL Vocabulary Builder Answer  1AB, 2AB, 3 and 4.  We will review our previous quizzes and discuss the section Monday.

SS 8 Monday 10/22:  Review Section 4 for Quiz.

SS 8 Tuesday 10/23: Drug and Alcohol Education Assembly

SS 8 Wednesday 10/24: Quiz Section 4 Homework for MONDAY 10/29: Complete RRG.  Read Pp. 533-537. Go over RRG and add new answers. You were assigned sections in class to read.  Note 3 or more important points and create a question to ask the class.  Read Section 5 again.  Answer ALL questions #1-6 on page 537 and complete Progress Monitor online.   If there is a battle or campaign you are most interested in for us to dig deeper, let me know Tuesday.  We have limited time and there is so much information.  Lets make certain to cover those things we want to delve into together.

SS 8 Tuesday  10/30:  Review Quiz 4. Review all homework.  Watch decisive battles and Sherman’s march.  Begin to dissect the details and prepare for a quiz Wednesday.

SS 8 Wednesday 10/31:  Happy Halloween NO Homework

SS 8 Thursday 11/1:  Due Monday 11/5    Read Pg. 538 Answer 1, 2 and 3.  Read P. 539 and review the Sections. Do you understand the summary information?  Do you have any questions?  Read the Key Concepts at the bottom of the page.  Chapter Review.  Answer #1-4, 5AB, 6AB, 7ABC, 8AB, 9AB and #10 and number 12.  Be Creative!  Use things you have learned in the films and in your reading.

SS 8 Friday 11/2:  Racing!

SS 8 Monday 11/5: Complete homework sheets.  Study Chapter 15 for Test Wednesday.  We will review our homework and go over the chapter.  Come to class tomorrow with questions.

SS 8 Tuesday 11/6:  Study for Test

SS 8 Wednesday 11/7: Test.  Begin Ch. 16

SS 8 Friday 11/8: Finish test interrupted by precautionary egress. Assign Japan History lesson. Read assigned section.  Pick one martyr and write at least three new things you learned of that martyr or martyrs.  Do you see your own faith differently after reading about how dedicated the Japanese were to Christ.  We will discuss Tuesday.

SS 8 Tuesday 11/13:  Read Pg. 342 Timeline. Read Pg. 544. Answer #1-3.  Complete Vocabulary Builder on Pg. 546 and read Pp. 546-549.  Complete the Progress monitor online.  Answer #1AB and #2AB.

SS 8 Wednesday 11/14:  Complete worksheet,  Answer #6, Complete questions missed.  Re-read section.  Come prepared to discuss Friday.

SS 8 Friday 11/16:  Complete Cornell notes sheet to study for quiz Monday.  Ask yourself the following for each subsection when you study:  Who was involved, what happened, why did it happen, what were the results.

SS 8 Monday 11/19:  Quiz. Read Pp. 550-551.  Complete the Analyze section at the bottom right of pg. 551. Complete Handout.

SS 8 Tuesday 11/20: Read Pp. 552-557.  Do Vocabulary Builder Pg. 552.Pg. 557 Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4, 5 and #6.  Begin Cornell notes from A Growing Conflict on page 552 and STOP at Radical Reconstruction on Pg. 554.  For each subsection ask the questions; Who, why , what and where?   Be the S.M.E. We will discuss Monday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

SS 8 Tuesday 11/27:  Complete Cornell notes for Pp. 554 Radical Reconstruction to the end of Pg. 557.  Be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.

SS 8 Wednesday 11/28:  NO HOMEWORK Quiz Monday

SS 8 Thursday 11/29:  Review notes for quiz Monday and be ready to ask question and test each other.

SS 8 Friday 11/30:  Review section for Quiz Monday.   Study notes answer who, what , when, where, why for each subsection.

SS 8 Monday 12/3:  Finish Worksheet.  Read Pp. 558-563.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 and 6. Due 12/4   Quiz Friday or Monday.

SS 8 Tuesday 12/4:  Begin Cornell Notes Pg. 558-560.

SS 8 Wednesday 12/5: Reconstruction Movie.   Continue Cornell Notes and finish all for Friday.   We will review Friday and challenge.

SS 8 Friday 12/7:  Review Cornell notes for section and challenge.  Quiz Monday.

SS 8 Tuesday 12/11:  Quiz.  Do Pg. 564.  Read Pg. 565.  Answer #1-7 on Pg. 566.  We will plan on a Test Friday or Monday.

SS 8 Wednesday 12/12:  Complete #8-10 on pg. 566 and complete ALL of Pg. 567.

Friday 12/14:  Complete Review Sheet  If you did not answer on the sheet and checked them off, you must know it for the test.  I will take off extra points if not.  Study for Test Monday.

Monday 12/17:  TEST

Tuesday 12/18- Friday 12/21.  Homework:  Spend time with your family and be truly thankful for those who love you.

Friday 1/4/19:  Read Pp. 578-581  Do ALL Vocabulary Builder and answer 1AB and 2 AB. on page 581.   Read this section and be the SME.  Be ready to discuss Monday.

Monday 1/7/19:  Read 578-581 again.  Complete handout.

Tuesday 1/8/19: Do Cornell notes for assigned subsections.  Prepare for quiz Friday.

Wednesday 1/9: Complete Review of Cornell notes for Quiz Friday

Thursday 1/10/19:  Study for quiz Friday.  Be the SME

Friday 1/11/19:  Quiz.  Read Page 584-589.  Do Vocab Builder.  Look at map on page 587.  Be ready to discuss Monday.  Answer 1AB and 2AB.  Focus on:  Dawes Act and Sand Creek Massacre.  We will discuss Monday.  Quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday 1/15/19: Complete Subsection assignments we will review for quiz Thursday.

Wednesday 1/16/19:  Complete section review sheet. Due Friday.  Quiz Tuesday.

Tuesday 1/22/19:  Complete Review sheets.  Quiz Friday.  Know the Dawes Act!

Wednesday 1/23/19:  Study for Quiz Friday.  Know my subsection, the Dawes Act.

Friday 1/25/19:  Quiz.  Read Pp. 595-599.  Complete sheet as you read.  Do ALL Vocabulary on page 595.  Answer 1AB, 2AB(B has two parts), 3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Arrive to class with any questions and ready to discuss.

Monday 1/28/19:  Complete Subsection assignments and be ready for questions from your classmates tomorrow.

Friday 2/1/19:  Read and complete questions 1-3 on page 600.  Read Section 4 on page 601 and Facts About Cowhands and Farmers on page 601.  Study section 4 Pp. 595-599 for quiz Monday.  We will then take a Test Friday 2/8.

Monday 2/4/19:  Class Assembly  Study for Quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday 2/5/19:  Quiz.  Begin Chapter Review for Test Monday

Wednesday 2/6/19:  Chapter Review Sheet.

Friday 2/8/19:  Study for Test Monday.

Tuesday 2/5/19:  Quiz

Wednesday 2/6/19:  Complete Chapter review sheet.

Friday 2/8/19:  Study for Test Monday

Tuesday 2/12/19:  Read Pp. 608-613.  Do ALL Vocabulary Builder.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5 and 6.  Plan on Quiz Friday or Monday.

Wednesday 2/13/19:  Cornell Notes

Tuesday 2/19/19:  Quiz.   Read Pp. 614-619.  Do ALL Vocab Builder.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 4 and 5. We will discuss this work tomorrow.

Friday 2/22/19:  Subsection Cornell note assignments.   Study your notes.  Monday we will get the other sections from your classmates and have a battle on Tuesday.  Quiz Wednesday.

Monday 2/25/19:  Notes Review, films and ready for section battle tomorrow.  Quiz Wednesday

Tuesday 2/26/19:  Battle Notes.  Know your stuff!

SS 8 Wednesday 2/27/19:  Quiz. Read Pp. 620-624. Do All Vocabulary Builder. Do Checkpoint questions Pg. 621, 622 and 623.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3, 4, 5, 6 and #7.  Due Friday 3/1.  WE will begin our notes in class Friday and  plan on a quiz Monday.

SS 8 Monday 3/4/19:  Study for Quiz. Complete Quiz Review sheet.

SS 8 Tuesday 3/5/19:  For those who will make up a quiz tomorrow.  This homework is due Friday.   Read pp. 625-629. Do ALL Vocab. Builder.  Answer ALL Checkpoint questions in the section.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3-Have fun with this one, 4,5 and 6.  Due Wednesday.

SS 8 Wednesday 3/6/19:  Complete Cornell Notes for the section.

SS 8 Tuesday 3/12/19:  Review notes and section in depth. Read Pp. 630-631 Complete Review Sheet and Self Test      Quiz tomorrow.

SS 8 Wednesday 3/13/19 Quiz and Surprise. Read Pp. 798-799 Timeline.  Read Pg. 800 Answer # 1 and 2 on page 800.  Read Pp. 802-807.  Do ALL Checkpoint Questions.  Answer 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5,6 and 7.   Due Friday.

SS 8  Friday 3/15/19: Cornell Notes for Monday

SS 8  Monday 3/18/19: REVIEW NOTES and questions  Quiz Wednesday.

SS 8 Wednesday 3/20/19:  No Homework

SS 8 Friday 3/22/19:

SS 8 Tuesday 3/19/19:   Review Notes and HW for Quiz Tomorrow.

SS 8 Monday 3/25/19:  Finish Weekend work and Vocab Builder

SS 8 Tuesday 3/26/19:   Complete Section review sheet AND Pearl Harbor sheet.

SS 8 Wednesday 3/27/19:  Study For Quiz Friday

SS 8 Friday 3/29/19:  Read Dauntless Pp. 814-815.  Be ready to discuss Monday.  READ Pp. 816-820.  Do ALL Vocab Builder.  Answer 1AB, 2AB(B is a very good question.  take some time to think and answer this question).  3, 4  #5 in class Monday.  Review sheet Monday Quiz Tue/Wed.

SS 8 Monday 4/1/19:  Webquest.   We will discuss Dauntless tomorrow as I forgot to do so today.

SS 8 Tuesday 4/2/19:  Finish worksheet.   Quiz Fri.

SS 8 Wednesday 4/3/19:  Study for Quiz Friday

SS 8 Friday 4/5/19:  Read Pp. 821-827.  Do ALL Vocab Builder.  Answer 3 Checkpoint questions in sections and 1AB, 2AB, 3,4,5,6 and 7.

SS 8 Monday 4/8/19:  Complete assigned Cornell Notes and review section for discussion tomorrow.

SS 8 Tuesday 4/9/19:  Study for Quiz Tomorrow.

SS 8 Wednesday 4/10/19:  Complete Learn the Skill and Practice the Skill on Pg. 828.  Complete The two homework sheets.  We will discuss Faulty Reasoning on Friday.

SS 8 Friday 4/12/19:  Read Pg. 829 and 830.  Complete 1-10 on page 830.

SS 8 Monday 4/15/19:  Pg. 830-831. Complete 11-13 and Test Yourself 1-3.  AND Document question 1 and Document question 2 on page 831.

SS 8 Tuesday 4/16/19:  Homework sheets for Chapter.

SS 8 Monday 4/29/19:  Study Section 1 tonight and quizzes.

SS 8 Tuesday 5/7/19:  Study Section 1 WW! for Quiz tomorrow.

SS 8 Wednesday 5/8/19:  Quiz,

SS 8 Friday 5/10/19:  Complete take home quiz for Monday.

SS 8 Monday 5/13/19:  Review Quiz in class.  Boston Discussion.  Endurance

SS 8 Monday 5/20/19:  Finish Endurance.  Discover America’s explorers and Mr. Linton’s favorite Quote of all time.  Read pp. 712-715.  Do ALL Key Terms.  Be able to answer; Who, What, When, Where and Why?  Answer ALL Checkpoint Questions on each page.  Answer #1AB, 2AB, 4 and 5.   Read quote from Mr. Debs on Pg. 517.  Be ready to discuss tomorrow.  Look up in your books the following:  Capitalism, Communism, Fascism and Socialism.  Can  you find them all? Why or why not?  We will discuss tomorrow.

SS 8 Tuesday 5/21/19  Cornell Notes for above.   ALL Sections and Sub-sections.  5 important points and three questions from each section and sub-section.  Yes its a lot.

SS 8 Wednesday 5/22/19 Read Pp. 718-722 Answer 1AB, 2AB and #4.  AND  Complete Cornell Notes for ALL of Section three.  5 important points for each and 3-5 questions for each.

SS 8  Make certain you check your grades in Powerschool and turn in missing assignments.  If they are past the time allotted for a passing grade, it is still better than a zero,.

SS 8 Tuesday 5/28/19:  Complete Review Sheets. Due Friday Quiz Friday or Monday.

WL 5  Latin Continued

WL 6  Peer Pressure Lesson and study hall

NEWSLETTER 5/20-25/19


6th Grade will continue their quest to understand ancient Greek society and their achievements. We will explore the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How and have a quiz over the material on Thursday.

7th Grade will have a quiz and dig into the actual forming of the US Constitution.   We will discuss the importance and briefly touch on our rights and how today, some of those are being challenged based on social narratives instead of sound logic.  I plan on good discussions this week and encourage parents to discuss at home as well.

8th Grade will finish Antarctic exploration in stark contrast to global events during WWI. We will also introduce US Exploration and the apparent zenith putting men on the moon. We will discuss at length, the powers of the world and types of government.  PARENTS:  It is important to note that within the text you will find all forms of government except one.  The book does not list it.  The students task is to find it and we will discuss.  The hint for the student in “chrome”.

Have a great week!

Mr. Linton