Mr. Toby Marvin

Welcome To Linton Hall Physical Education

My name is Mr. Marvin and I am beginning my third year of teaching at Linton Hall after having moved to the area after an extensive teaching and coaching career in Pennsylvania.  I have a BS in Health and Physical Education from Edinboro University and hold a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership with a post masters Principal Certification.

I believe physical education is an integral part of the total educational process of each student at Linton Hall.  Through the medium of sport and movement, all students will participate in a sequential, differentiated program that fosters each student’s personal health, fitness, safety, and learning.  Students will be exposed to a variety of traditional/non traditional activities where they will gain the necessary knowledge to value and understand the importance of an active healthy lifestyle.


K-3 Grades

Physical education students are working on locomotor skills which include skipping, galloping, side sliding, hopping, leaping and running. Various lead up games are being administered which include the above mentioned skills.

Parachute activities which include many different coordination, movement and directional skills are emphasized.

4th-8th Grade

We are beginning a flag football unit. Skills in passing and catching will be reviewed daily. Drills with passing routes are covered and concepts of the game are emphasized. A lead game called “Lynx” ball will be played. Rules of the game will be explained and game play will take place.




Additional Info

Fall sport signups will take place the first day of school continuing through the first week. All athletes please fill out permission forms as well as getting a physical.

Use the Linton Hall forms found on the school website.