Mrs. Liz Cheney

Dear Kindergarten Families,

My name is Mrs. Cheney and I am SO excited to be your child’s teacher this year!  It is going to be a “Suess-tastic” year full of learning, fun, and wild and whimsical adventures in our imaginations!  I can’t wait to meet each of you and learn ALL about you but until then, here are a few things for you to get to know me.

I was born and raised in Arlington, VA and attended St. Thomas More School followed by O’Connell.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in English at George Mason University and then earned my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and I have been teaching ever since!

I have taught fourth grade, third grade, kindergarten, and preschool and am DELIGHTED to have found my home in my favorite grade!  There is nothing as joyful as the days spent in a kindergarten classroom!  I also love that I know exactly where you are coming from and where you need to be and I can’t wait to challenge you and see “the thinks you can think!”

You will often see me smiling in the halls at two very special boys, Kylan and Bryson, who are my very own “Thing 1 and Thing 2” (my children).  It is such a blessing to teach and learn next to my children in such a wonderful school community.  And, just in case you haven’t guessed, our class theme this year is Dr. Seuss!

I know this year will be special, magical and full of learning and growth!  I am thrilled to be a part of your kindergarten experience!

Hugs and love, Mrs. Cheney

Please click the link below to see our schedule. seuss clock

16 17 daily schedule

Please click on the links below to access the kindergarten week by week curriculum objectives for each quarter.

Kindergarten First Quarter 9 Week Plans 16 17



Linton Hall Kindergarten Program Highlights

seuss fish

  • Small class size with a full time dedicated assistant
  •   PE three times a week
  • Spanish language classes along with music, technology, library, creative movement, OCEW, and art classes.
  • Children can participate in Fife and Drum and the music and arts program (violin, guitar, or piano lessons).
  • Living History program brings history to life for the children.
  •  A Thanksgiving show and end of the year play are performed by kindergarten.
  •  Children participate in the school Christmas and spring musicals.
  •  Children have buddy readers with fourth grade weekly.
  •  Zero the hero supports our math program while developing a love of math and understanding of number sense.  We have special events such as the “50 Nifty States” on the 50th day, 80’s day on the 80th day, and a large culminating experience on the 100th day of school.
  • Our curriculum utilizes current trends and topics along with more traditional approaches such as phonics, learning math facts, and cursive writing (some skills covered in later grades).
  • Differentiated learning is fostered through tiered groupings, resource pull-out, and varied learning center activities.
  •  Lower school does a variety of group rotations to include a Fall Festival, Christmas themed stations, and a Spring Egg hunt.
  • The Great Ghost Chase, field day, and Catholic Schools week are school wide events that foster community and school spirit.
  • Religion supports spiritual formation in the children.  Children are encouraged to pray, sing together, and make connections to Jesus through service activities, Mass, and learning the basics of faith.
  • Singapore Math implemented in 2015.


youer than you quote


STAR of the Week!

We are so excited to have you as our next STAR of the week!

Please take time to complete the “All About Me” book for our class bulletin board and create a poster on the attached STAR that shows special things all about you.  Check your backpack the week before your assigned date.

**Special Events**

Monday: Share your “All About Me” book and poster.

Tuesday: Bring in a favorite book to read to the class (you may read it or I can read it for you).

Wednesday:  Dress down day.

Thursday:  Bring a favorite song for us to dance to. Feel free to burn a CD or you can send me a link to a “youtube” video, just please be sure to preview that there aren’t any unwanted ads or lyrics.  Kids Bop has many songs that are kids favorite hits without anything questionable and many favorite movies have the song in a video clip (We’ve done “Let It Go” form Frozen once or twice 😉

Friday:  Bring a favorite object from home to share about with the class.

We look forward to learning all about YOU!

star belly sneetch

Play-dough Recipe            green eggs and ham

4 cups flour

4 cups water

2 cups salt

8 teaspoons cream of tartar

4 tablespoons food coloring

4 tablespoons vegetable oil

Directions:  Combine all ingredients and mix well.  Microwave approximately 8 minutes stopping about every minute to stir.  Continue until it seems like bread dough.  It will be hard to stir after the first few minutes, kneading might be needed instead of stirring.  Let cool and then separate into about 15 balls.

questions and answers suess quote

Dear Kindergarten Families,

After the Christmas holidays it will be time to begin AR testing!  AR stands for “Accelerated Reader” a nationwide reading comprehension program that our school offers.  Each grade level from 1 – 8th grade has a required amount of reading points the students need to earn in each quarter.  In kindergarten, as the students become ready and more independent learners, we offer the program as an optional enrichment to our reading program.  No points are required and the tests they take this year will be erased prior to first grade when they will be required to accrue points.

Here is a quick outline of how AR works.  Select a book with your child that they would enjoy reading or being read to.  To find out if the book you have selected is an AR book, go to the following website and search in the quiz store for titles, grade level, and points:  You can also find apps that will scan books and give you the grade level and points for a book.  We’ve enclosed some scholastic book orders in case you would like to order some books and also you can look below the book title descriptions to see what level the book is and if it is an AR book.

Books can be selected that your child is able to read independently or if they are not reading yet, you are welcome and encouraged to read the book to them.   When you have read the book and discussed it, fill out the attached AR slip and send it to school in the Yellow Folder.  We will take the child to the library and stay with them while they take the test on the computer.  Most books on our level are worth .5 points and average about 5 questions.  There will always be an adult with them to read them the questions and the multiple choice answers.   Children are only allowed to take 2 tests a week and no more than one test per day.  We have found that children that practice in kindergarten find it less stressful in First Grade.

We will return the slip to you in the folder after they have tested so you can see how they did.  The goal is to have most children taking 2 tests a week by the last quarter in preparation for first grade.  If your child doesn’t test well on a book you are welcome to reread the book with them a few times and have them try again or to just select a different book and move on.  Our goal is to encourage reading, develop comprehension, and have the students feel good about themselves as developing readers.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Thank you and happy reading!

AR slips for testing

Please feel free to click on the link below to access the Kindergarten handbook.

kindergarten handbook 16-17

truffula trees