Mrs. Mary Kuehl

6th Grade Social Studies – Ancient Civilizations


In sixth grade, students will study early humans and societies, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and the early Americas.


7th Grade Social Studies – Western Civilizations


In seventh grade, students will study Western Civilizations.  They will begin their studies by focusing on the Middle Ages.  Throughout the year, the students will continue their studies by learning about the Renaissance period, revolutions, the Age of Enlightenment, and continue up until World War I.


8th Grade Social Studies – US History Part II


In eighth grade, students will begin their studies by focusing on the Civil War and how the US government works.  Then, students will study the Age of Industry in the US, followed by the new role of the US in the world.  Finally, the students will end their studies by exploring the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and the Civil Rights Movement.



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      This year, students in grades 6-8 will participate in a History Day.  The theme for this year’s History Day is Conflict and Compromise in History.  Students will be asked to choose a person or event that falls under the theme to then write a research paper and prepare a presentation to present their findings.  One thing to keep in mind, for the presentation, the students will NOT be allowed to use a poster board.  They may choose to create a website, a model, or film a movie.  Regardless of what the student chooses to do, they will only be limited by their imagination and not the poster board.

Want to improve your Social Studies grade?  Simply read a book that is your reading level and that has to do with Social Studies, then complete one of the assignments from the handout.  For each extra credit assignment that you successfully completes within each quarter, you will receive 3 bonus points per assignment.

Extra Credit Side A

Extra Credit Side B