This time of year always inspires a sense of awe – a year almost behind us, a new year ahead of us.   The calendar on our wall may end, but truly our liturgical year has just begun. It gives us a complex convergence of both – old and new.  

As a school, we too are entering another time altogether.  Whereas, it is not the true halfway point of the year, it often feels like it to many students.  They know that with any luck, a few snow days will give way to good sledding and hopefully, more time in pajamas than in uniforms.   The cold weather which keeps us inside…helps us find ways to spend time together, as many of our children’s pastimes are on hold, till warmer temperatures return.   It is a special event – this time of reflection on all that was and is yet to come, highlighted with the most magnificent event of our Savior’s birth. How blessed we are – that all these gifts coincide – at just a time when we are able to embrace it.  

(Picture Courtesy of LHS Dad)

As this new or next part of the year commences, it is also time to reflect on our students.   Time will avail opportunity for our younger students to consider their move ahead. While at the same time, it will give understanding to our ‘soon-to be’ graduates – that this begins the culmination of their time with us.  Linton Hall School graduates they will become, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. So it is also a special time at Linton Hall School…we recognize the changes that are afoot. We stop and take note of students…who they once were, who they are now.  We will soon celebrate their progress, their refinement. We indeed have so much to be grateful for in this year, by any calendar you choose.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We’ll see you next year!

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