I love a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers! Now, I’m not saying that I would turn down a dozen red roses. But really, a vase full of a variety of colors, textures, and sizes tickles all the senses and is just more fun. So, you ask, why am I reflecting on flowers? Here’s the thing, your children remind me of a lovely, bright, cheery mixture of all types of flowers!

On Back to School Night, you were asked to share with us a unique characteristic (or two, or three) about your child(ren). After reading through all of your responses, there it was – the mixed bouquet!

Included in our Linton Hall School bouquet are quite a few of the generous, kind and caring variety. Sprinkled among them are the funny blossoms full of wit and humor. There are big-hearted varieties who are inclusive, empathetic and genuine. And then there are the quiet ones who calm and soften the array. From musical to athletic, artistic and creative to technically savvy, each child is significant and special, and the arrangement would not be complete without them.

So there you have it. Each day, we get to experience the joy of a mixed bouquet! We are grateful for each and every unique characteristic your children add to our community here at Linton Hall School.




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