Signature Programs
Unleash Generosity

Linton Hall School has a unique outdoor program that allows the students to appreciate and learn from their surrounding environment. The goals of the Outdoor Conservation Ecology and Wildlife (OCEW) program are two-fold: to prepare students to become ethical citizens with a reverence and responsibility for conserving the Earth’s natural resources and diverse life forms; to enrich the Science curriculum by turning complex concepts, into tangible, hands-on experiences.


Our athletic program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in an inter-scholastic sport each season. In accordance with our mission, athletics is an integral component of the student’s overall educational experience. The goal of our program is to offer each student, regardless of ability, the opportunity to experience growth, accomplishment, have success at his or her own skill level, and provide wholesome opportunities for student-athletes to develop positive habits and attitudes and leadership skills.

Fall: Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Golf, Co-ed Running Club
Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball
Spring: Girls Soccer, Boys Flag Football, Rock Climbing Club

Education Technology

Technology is transforming the educational experience at Linton Hall School. Our 1:1 initiative gives every student in grades 4-8 a Google Chromebook, allowing everyone the same access, the same tools, anywhere, anytime. We are taking the focus away from the technology itself and placing it directly on the learning and teaching it facilitates. Students can now accomplish amazingly creative projects unfettered by the need for specialized tools.


As part of Linton Hall School’s commitment to Science and Technology education, students participate in a Lego Robotics program. Additionally, we offer a Robotics or Computer Repair Club after school.


The Art Program at Linton Hall School endeavors to present a sequential development of concepts, skills, and media through all grades. Students’ enjoyment and confidence in their creative ability is paramount in the art program.


Music instruction continues to profoundly enhance the education of young students. At Linton Hall School we try to expose all of our students to a variety of musical genres, and provide opportunity for performance. All children experience the pleasure of singing, moving, dancing, and playing instruments. As they develop through the grades, they learn all aspects of both orchestral and global music, study composers, music history and theory.

Fife & Drum Corps

In the 1940s, ’50s and through the ’60s, Linton Hall School was a residential, all-male military school with a proud tradition in the Drum & Bugle Corps. This activity was reinstated later as the Fife & Drum Corps, whose musicians and instructors nurture the patriotic spark that makes our students proud of their American heritage.

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Nondiscriminatory Policy:  Linton Hall School School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, marital status, handicap or disability in the administration of its educational, employment, or admission policies, its athletic and other school-administered programs.