The first thing that strikes me, when I walk through the front doors every new school year, is the change in our students.  Of course almost everyone is taller, some have longer hair, some now have glasses – but that is the outside.  I am speaking only of the inside..the part that cannot be seen, but surely can be felt. It is in the way a formerly timid Kindergartner, now walks bravely to his or her 1st grade class.  The pensive look on the 8th grade student…as they see through the eyes of someone whose last year inside these halls, is upon them.  Is it just because summer is over? Did popsicles and pool adventures give way to a new perspective?  Unlikely, I think you would agree.  It is a change that takes time, it is different for each student, each grade, each boy, each girl.  Just like every plant, starts as a ‘little sprout’ but eventually becomes a more mature version of itself – so do our children.  The most startling part, I think, is that we don’t really ever see it happening.  Yet – we know it does.  Where one day there was nothing, today there is a blossom.  The tiny plant is not toiling away.  It is working hard, changing, growing to become – what it is intended to be.  Mom or Dad may remember what it took to get to this day, but even they, are surprised when it happens.  The child that just couldn’t let go of Mom or Dad at the door…walks through without ever looking back.

Starting my 5th year at LHS, I think I’ve had a glimpse into something unique.  I’ve noticed some of those changes take place.  Of course, I didn’t actually see it – but again, I know it has happened.  Not just in my own children, but yours too.  I’ve been blessed to volunteer alongside many of our students from the very youngest in preschool, to those mighty 8th graders.  Year over year, you feel that their hearts have grown, their consciousness of those around them, has awakened.  The simple way they return to the door and hold it open, after letting it slip out of their hand, just a moment prior..sheepishly smiling as you walk through.  The way a student that couldn’t find their path, is now helping another, find his. It happens all over our school, in more ways than can be written.

When did all this happen?  It is, I believe what happens when our students sense the nurturing, the structure, the care to hold each and every one to their greatest potential – letting patience have its perfect work.  That is what each member of our school wants for your children.  Surely, it is part of what brought your family here.  Not simply better academia, but growth towards what they are intended to become.  Following a path that encourages them to be the very best version of themselves.  Look closely this year..keep watching and I believe you will see it as well!  

“May they be blessed with graced learning and sacred companionship” – Sister Patricia Anne

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