Upper School

Teacher and student - Upper School

The Upper School (5-8) seeks to prepare students to be academically successful at the secondary school level. We build a community of learners with strong faith, character, and kindness who are also confident, creative, and willing to think critically and creatively.

Mentored by an excellent faculty in a student-centered environment where cultural diversity is valued and intellectual curiosity is central, Linton Hall School offers students the opportunity to excel in an environment that nurtures them as individuals and prepares them for success as they continue their education.

  • Reading, writing, and higher-level thinking skills are emphasized in all subject areas
  • The core curriculum consists of English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Spanish and Religion
  • These subjects are complemented by studies in Art, Music, Computer Technology, and Robotics, as well as team and individual sports
  • The OCEW program continues to provide a love of nature, environmental stewardship and endless opportunities for enriching experiential learning throughout the Upper School grades.