IMG 5654 225x300 - The Sound of SilenceNoise and school usually go hand in hand. Let’s face it, when you have nearly 300 children in one location, you are going to have noise, albeit, a joyful noise! However, if you are ever in the halls during Lent for arrival and dismissal, you will hear the distinct sound of silence. From teachers, to students, to parents, we are all challenged to practice the discipline of silence for 40 days. And, oh my goodness, if you know me, you know what a challenge it can be!

DSCN1416 161x300 - The Sound of SilenceIn today’s world, the sound of silence is elusive. With cell phones, iPads, TVs, computers and the tempting endless offerings of Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, we are no longer content to be in silence. We have all become addicted to noise, and the sound of silence has become startling and uncomfortable. Our children have grown up expecting continual noise and stimulation.

The season of Lent inspires us to slow down and be mindful and prayerful. In the quiet and stillness, we redirect our minds and our hearts to God and to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us. The emphasis is on humility which we demonstrate by being silent. In our silence, we hear the clear voice of God. We await His promise that is to come on Easter Sunday. And then, all of our collective voices are raised in praise and thanksgiving as we celebrate the promise of our salvation. Alleluia and amen!